Rick Jensen

Be thankful for Trump’s presidency

Thanksgiving may officially be over, but Americans have much to be thankful for.
To my liberal and Democratic Party friends (not always one and the same), please enjoy the freedom you have to protest and fear the unknown that is President-elect Trump.
While Trump tweets and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence demonstrates calm maturity,

Jeremy Alford

Analysis: Hope persists for Louisiana names in Trump cabinet

President-elect Donald Trump still has some top jobs to fill and there are a few Louisiana politicians who are about to be jobless.
So it’s only natural that the rumor mill is still churning out possibilities, starting with outgoing U.S. Sen. David Vitter.
Would Vitter make a good fit for a gig in the treasury department? That’s the suggestion from Fortune journalist Chris Matthews, who wrote Vitter into one his stories a couple weeks ago.

What’s in the medicine cabinet?

When New Orleans wholesaler Hugh Kennedy bought out his partner in January 1849, he gave us an interesting picture of what we could find at the drug store in pre-Civil War south Louisiana. His advertisement in local newspapers said he was planning to do “a more extended business than has hitherto been done by the old house,” and bragged that his stock of drugs, medicines, and chemicals, surgical instruments, and perfumery included “every article (needed by) Families, Planters, and Country Dealers.”

Eat well, it’s a heritage thing

At Thanksgiving, we celebrate the bounty of our harvest, and there is plenty to celebrate here. The cornucopia overflows in south Louisiana; we can fill our holiday tables with nothing but home-grown foods and eat like royalty.
William Darby visited southwest Louisiana 200 years ago, and recognized then the prospects for our natural bounty.


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