Mobile ap pinpoints places on Solomon Northup trail

Bunkie resident and ULL grad student Meredith Melancon is putting together an interactive application that people can download to their mobile devices that will direct the people to the different points of interest on the Northup Trail.
The site is free and has information about the Northup Trail as well as with other areas in the vicinity.
Melancon demonstrated the application to the Bunkie Rotary Club this month and how it gives direction and information about each point of interest.
She said the site was up and running in mid-December and the number of “hits” has been growing since its launch. She added there are more points of interest to be added along with more pictures. Melancon’s site coordinates with the original trail mapped out by the police jury and Dr. Sue Eakin about 1980. Both she and the police jury added other points of interests to the trail, including Barbin’s Landing on Red River where Solomon Northup boarded a steamboat for his regained freedom after years as a slave.
Northup's story is currently an Academy Award-nominated movie.
In addition to the Northrup Trail, Melancon said, “I would like to see if the parish would like to have their own historical trail to add to the application,” Melancon told the Rotary members. “It would not cost very much to start and then have a service fee yearly to keep the site fresh.” Melancon estimated the original cost to be between $2,000 and $3,000 the first year and a maintenance fee of $1,000 a year. That trail would cover the entire parish. She felt the parish civic organizations, chambers of commerce and tourism office should see if they could support the Avoyelles site.
To download the app which is a ULL website, go to The Solomon Northup Trail is one of five tours on the site.

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