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Letter to the editor: Writer doesn’t believe Democrats on promises

If you want to know how much credibility or assurances of the program the Democrats are “pushing” for the border and its security, just listen to the litany of promises they had in “pushing” for Obama Care. Remember how that “Affordable Care Act” was going to save the average family about $2,000 per year; and you could keep your present plan and doctor if you elected to do so, along with so many other promises they lied about?
TV clips of all those promises should be played for the public to see to remind everyone about the issue. How well did all this work out for us?
Do we really want to support what their plan for a secure border is, instead of what President Trump’s plan is?
I’m impressed by Schumer and his minions’ concern about the cost of this wall. (First time I’ve seen Democrats concerned about spending taxpayers’ money.) However, when you study the report from Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) it shows a completely opposite concern. If our government would follow what CAGW recommends, we could probably afford two walls easily.
As a 90-year-old who served four years in the Air Force during the “Korean Conflict”, this border situation the Democrats are creating angers me more and more.
Build the Wall Now!
Harold Landreneau
P. S. Will somebody please explain to me what would’ve happened in Tijuana if there had been no wall to hold back that invasion at the border? Just that instance is proof of the effectiveness of a wall.

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