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What’s on the ballot?

Ballots in Eunice will include the following.
U.S. President and Vice President
Joseph R. Biden/Kamala Harris, D
Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen, L
Donald J. Trump/Michael Pence, R
Brian Carroll/Amar Patel, American Solidarity Party
Jade Simmons/Claudeliah Roze, Becoming One Nation
President Boddie/Eric Stoneham, C.U.P.
Don Blankenship/William Mohr, Constitution Party
Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard, Freedom and Prosperity
Tom Hoefling/Andy Prior, Life, Liberty, Constitution
Gloria La Riva/Sunil Freeman, Socialism and Liberation
Alyson Kennedy/Malcolm Jarrett, Socialist Workers Party
Kanye West/Michelle Tidball, The Birthday Party
Bill Hammons/Eric Bodenstab, Unity Party America
U. S. Senator
Beryl Billiot, NP
John Paul Bourgeois, NP
“Bill” Cassidy*, R
Reno Jean Daret III, NP
Derrick “Champ” Edwards, D
“Xan” John, Other
David Drew Knight, D
M.V. “Vinny” Mendoza, I
Jamar Montgomery, NP
Dustin Murphy, R
Adrian Perkins, D
Antoine Pierce, D
Melinda Mary Price, Other
Aaron C. Sigler, L
Peter Wenstrup, D
U.S. representative, 4th Congressional District
Ben Gibson R
Kenny Houston D
“Mike” Johnson R
Ryan Trundle D
U.S. representative, 3rd Congressional District
“Rob” Anderson, D
Braylon Harris, D
Clay Higgins, R
Brandon LeLeux, L
District Attorney
27th Judicial District Court
Charles Cravins, D
Chad P. Pitre, R
City Marshal
City Court, City of Eunice
Marcus Bergeron, NP
Terry J. Darbonne, D
Gerald Watley, D
Constitutional Amendments
Amendment 1: No right to abortion
To add language that states that nothing in the constitution protects the right to abortion.
Amendment 2: Oil and gas well assessment
To consider a well’s oil and gas production when valuing it for property tax assessment.
Amendment 3: State’s rainy day fund
To allow the state’s budget stabilization fund to be used after a federally declared disaster.
Amendment 4: Spending limit for state budget
To create a new state spending limit that projects slower growth.
Amendment 5: Payments instead of Property Taxes
To give manufacturers and local governments the option to schedule payments instead of property taxes for industrial expansions.
Amendment 6: Expand Property Tax Breaks
To expand those eligible to have their property taxes frozen to include homeowners with higher incomes.
Amendment 7: Unclaimed Property Protection
To create a trust fund for unclaimed property money.
Sports betting
To approve sports wagering activities and operations in the parish.

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