Christine Flowers

Graffiti by social-justice warriors was a hate crime

I grew up with family stories. My maternal great-grandfather, a hard-working immigrant from Abruzzo, reacted to some now forgotten blow to his honor by hanging himself with his youngest daughter’s jump rope in their West Philadelphia basement. His wife, Philomena, was left to raise eight children, alone. She suffered another devastating loss when her 3-year-old son, Freddy, found some matches, set fire to his clothing, and burned to death. My grandfather Michael was the first to be born in this country after his family made the long Atlantic crossing, from Naples.

Tom Purcell

Failing U.S. citizenship

Failing U.S. citizenship
“If younger generations don’t know why and how America is such a great nation, we are doomed!”
“Ah, you speak of the recent Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation survey that finds only one in three Americans can pass the U.S. Citizenship Test.”
“You got that right. Two-thirds of Americans failed the 10-multiple-choice-question test even though they only needed six correct answers to pass.”

Governor’s Medicaid expansion claims rebutted

Gov. John Bel Edwards just released an editorial titled “Louisiana is Making Progress,” and states in part that “by every metric, Medicaid Expansion was the right choice for Louisiana” as it has saved the state over $300 million, grown the economy by generating $3.6 billion of economic activity, and created 19,000 jobs. WOW!! Who knew we could reap these huge benefits by adding 470,000 residents to our Medicaid rolls. On top of this, the governor also noted that the Trump Administration praised Louisiana’s efforts to root out fraud within the Medicaid system. Say what??

Michael Reagan

​Kavanaugh and the President’s big mouth

The Kavanaugh Nightmare is almost over.
For almost three weeks Judge Brett Kavanaugh — a good father, a good man, a brilliant conservative legal jurist — has had his reputation permanently trashed and dragged through the mud by Democrats and their willing accomplices in the liberal media.
No political charge or fake allegation was too slimy for the Democrats, who were never going to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.
They were interested only in destroying his life and keeping the Supreme Court’s ninth seat open until they got back in power in the Senate.


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