Put your hands together for Pete and Amy

If only the Democrats could fight like the Washington Nationals. The new National League champs won four straight on the way to the World Series, with great pitching and clutch hitting. End of story. Or as Joe Biden would say, “Period!”
But alas, every month or so, we get a three-hour marathon of umpteen presidential candidates talking in 90-second bursts, and all we can do is try to parse the rhetorical mire. As Biden said Tuesday night, “These debates are kind of crazy, because everybody tries to squeeze everything into every answer that is given.”

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Jim Brown

What happened election night in Louisiana?

As Gomer Pyle insightfully said: “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.” There were a number of them on election night in the Bayou State. Gov. John Bel Edwards’ quest for a first primary victory fell flat as several factors in the final days of the campaign caused his poll numbers to plummet. Now voters can look forward to a nasty runoff, with the airwaves filled with a boatload of negative TV and radio spots.

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Christine Flowers

Matt Lauer has a right to defend himself

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, “he said, she said,” is quickly becoming, “she said, he cringed and remained silent.” Another variation is, “she said, he apologized profusely and then resigned.”
This would describe former Sen. Al Franken, who did what he thought was the honorable thing even though many of his former colleagues now regret forcing him out of office (except for former Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, emphasis on “former”).

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Tom Purcell

Today’s bullies are online, but so is help

My sister Kris kicked the tar out of Frankie Leper.
It happened in 1972 after Leper, a notorious neighborhood bully, busted up my handmade go-kart, then shoved me into the mud.
Sure, Leper was a big kid. But as he stood over me, taunting me, Kris tackled him and pounded on him so hard that he blubbered like a baby. That ended his bullying days. He never lived down getting whooped by a girl half his size.

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Rich Manieri

In news other than impeachment…

Sure, I could write about impeachment again this week, and probably for countless weeks to come. But I think we all could use a diversion, what with the 24/7 news coverage, analysis, and editorializing that passes for news coverage. It makes you wonder if the earth is still turning on its axis.
So, I thought it a public service to highlight some news stories you might have missed because they were barely covered or buried somewhere within the depths of your favorite online news outlet. Here they are, in no particular order:


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