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Peter Funt

I can’t endorse the Times’s approach

The New York Times provided lessons in both journalism and television Sunday night, by way of bad examples.
First: If a newspaper believes in making political endorsements it shouldn’t balk when a tough call comes along, leaving voters more mystified than before. Second: The ingredients that create a compelling reality-TV show (“The Apprentice” comes to mind) are not the same as those that make for honest political opining.

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Danny Tyree

Should older people be banned from church?

Just because a mentor starts unconsciously humming Motown tunes during a heart-to-heart talk with you about temptations, that doesn’t mean his advice is irrelevant.
A church in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, has made national headlines because of an audacious “In order to save the village, we had to destroy it” strategy to rebrand itself.
The church plans to close its doors in June and reboot itself in the fall, with a new focus on young families with children.

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Christine Flowers

I don’t like Meghan Markle, that doesn’t make me racist

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they were “stepping back” from their duties as senior royals, it triggered a number of interesting reactions on this side of the pond.
Some Americans lifted their noses in the air and said, “We fought a revolution not to have to pay attention to these people. Not interested.” (Of course, these were the same folks who kept commenting on social media about how “not interested” they were when no one asked for their opinion in the first place.)

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Tom Purcell

Family landlines better than smartphones for teens

When my childhood home got a phone call, it was an event.
That was partly because my father, a longtime phone-company employee, installed four brass-belled phones throughout our home. The phones rang so loudly it sounded like crooks were breaking into Fort Knox.
It was also because we were eager to discover who was calling — though I was always disappointed when I answered and it was a young man calling for one of my sisters.
You see, before Caller ID became common in the late 1980s, I was our home’s Caller ID.
“Who is it?” one of my sisters would whisper.

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Eunice Police dispatch radio logs

The following are excerpts from the Eunice Police Department radio dispatch logs.
January 17
04:36 Truck broken into in the 1100 block of Sittig.
05:02 2018 white Expedition stolen in the 600 block of West Peach.
07:04 Vehicle broken into in the 200 block of Rodney.
08:12 Male left hospital.
08:31 Male is outside house making threats in the 1600 block of West Magnolia.
09:29 Subject passed out at Walmart automotive.
10:47 Kids riding bikes at Beno and Pearl.
10:52 Brown Lab running loose in the 1000 block of West Oak.


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