Rick Jensen

Tom Purcell

From the moment Mark Zuckerberg began to read his opening statement, you knew he wasn’t going to change Facebook.
Clueless politicians made it clear they didn’t understand Facebook, so members of Congress were unable to drill down into details of Facebook’s business model and just how much of your personal information is owned by thousands of companies.
Perplexed members of Congress suggesting Facebook change its business model to “fee-based” don’t understand the advertising business and how many hundreds of millions of dollars and users they would lose.

Tom Purcell

Advice, consolation to taxpayers

The tax season is upon us. I’m no CPA, but let me offer advice and consolation to my fellow taxpayers.
Q. Dear Tom: My CPA told me that a tax bracket is a heavy, metal object that the government uses to hit you over the head every time you succeed in pushing your income up. Can you elaborate? - Annoyed in Minnesota

Hurricane season forecast blows hot, cold

In our world of polarized government and polarized media, where everything is just a matter of somebody’s opinion, we can at least count on the annual hurricane forecasts, can’t we?
Maybe not. The predictions are blowing hot and cold.
The widely quoted annual forecast from Colorado State University, released Thursday, says we can expect an above-average number of hurricanes in 2018. A relatively new player on the scene predicts a below-average amount of tropical activity.

Michael Reagan

To opioid hell and back​

I’m feeling human again, thanks.
After three weeks of living in opioid hell - of constantly being sick to my stomach, of throwing up, of having the shakes and feeling depressed and crying - my body and brain are back to normal.
I’m no longer high and messed up on pain killers.
I’m no longer trying to withdraw from them.
And I have a new, up-close-and-personal understanding of the country’s opioid epidemic and how easy it is for a 70-something guy like me to become addicted to potent ​pain pills.

Jim Brown

Downside of casinos in Louisiana

Several quick financial fixes are being discussed in the current session of the Legislature involving the expansion of gambling. Here’s an interesting thought. Why is it that Louisiana and neighboring state Mississippi are always on the bottom of every national ranking involving virtually every aspect of a state’s quality of life? Yet casino gambling is widespread throughout both states at a level not found any place else in America outside of Las Vegas.


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