Lower car insurance by fixing gamed system

Drive most places in Louisiana and you’ll see a lot of reasons for our rating as No. 2 in America in the cost of car insurance.
Whether it’s aggressive — to the point of reckless — driving, or tons of people texting and chatting on phones instead of concentrating on the road, or for that matter, crappy roads filled with holes and unsuited to heavy traffic, Louisiana earns its high insurance costs every day.

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Mayor thanks all for Mardi Gras success

On behalf of the members of Eunice City Council and all of the citizens of Eunice who benefit directly and indirectly from the visitors to our city, I wish to thank everyone who helped make 2020 Eunice Mardi Gras a success.
Thank you, sponsors and city workers, City Marshal’s Office, Sheriff Department, and Fire and Police departments for all the work you did in so many capacities — we could not have done it without you!
Thank you, merchants, cooks, and participants, who donated food and cooking skills for the boucherie.

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Pelican Institute CEO says Constitutional Amendment 3 protects taxpayers

Dear Editor
I would like to clear up any confusion surrounding a very positive amendment for Louisiana’s working families. Amendment 3 seeks to return unconstitutional tax collections back to taxpayers.
Currently, if Louisianans want to appeal an unconstitutional tax, we must fight it out in court. Amendment 3 provides hard-working Louisianans with the added option of having their cases heard by the Board of Tax Appeals (BTA), our state’s tax court.


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