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Cassidy’s Judgment Day Will Come

U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy broke with the Republican party in voting with just six other members of his own party to convict President Trump saying, “I voted to convict President Trump because he is guilty.” Cassidy also said “I’m attempting to hold President Trump accountable — and that is the trust I have from the people that elected me, and I am very confident that as time passes, people will move to that position.”

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Joe Biden goes to war with oil, and will lose

The phrase “war on coal” was always something of a misleading statement. It was political, saying that the nation’s shift away from coal production was some sort of plot.
Fact is, the war on coal was perpetrated by cheaper and cleaner-burning natural gas, much of it from Louisiana. We were warriors against coal, to some extent.
However politicians tried to polish their halos in coal country with the slogan, economic reality was the driver of decisions.

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Region jeopardized by president’s action

Dear Editor,
I am proud of the people in my district. The residents of Vermilion, Acadia, Lafayette, and St. Landry parishes are hard workers, but without industry, our entire region is in jeopardy. Constituents tell me they’re expecting project cancellations, rigs to idle, layoffs, layoffs, and layoffs. This is happening because the new president has made it his goal to kill the oil industry ... while saying he’s doing it for the environment.

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National Guard ‘interrogation’ unneeded

I would like to mention the actions of Gov. Edwards and his appointed general of the Louisiana National Guard. I am speaking to the choir as I write this letter. I want to remind both of how unprofessional they acted while our troops were in Washington for the purpose of security. If one desires a uniform of our military they are properly vetted prior to acceptance. Only then are they authorized to proudly wear the uniform of the branch of the military for which they have chosen.

Prayer for the nation

Heavenly Father, surround the United States Of America and our faithful supporters with your armies of heavenly hosts. Let our enemies from within be scattered and Your name be exalted once again over this great nation. Protect and fortify our nation and strengthen each and every dedicated American citizen. Let all evil deeds that are being perpetrated in darkness become exposed by and in Your light. Protect honesty and integrity of the results and may Your will be done.


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