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Standing up for Girl Scouts

As an 18-year-old, I struggled to find my way. After high school graduation, I found myself asking the question, what was I going to be when I grew up. I opted to take the road less traveled and joined the United States Army. While it was challenging and rewarding, I knew I needed more. Upon completion of my military service, I came home and became a Ragin Cajun. I learned a lot and earned my Bachelors of Arts Degree, but the question remained what was I going to be when I grew up.

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DeVillier on Louisiana’s 2019 ‘fiscal cliff’

As many have heard, Louisiana is facing an approximately $600 million shortfall this year. This “fiscal cliff” is created due to the temporary 1 percent sales tax increase and suspension of tax exemptions expiring combined with a continued growth in state spending.
Since 2015, $1.38 billion in temporary taxes, $1 billion in permanent taxes, and tens of millions in new fees have been raised! During this time the state budget grew by $5.2 billion. Our state sales tax is temporarily at 5 percent and is set to sunset back to 4 percent in FY 2019.

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Following up on a previous letter

I feel compelled to offer a small amount of information about “The Party of No” that I left out of my “Remember to vote’ letter in Sunday’s Eunice News.
This group has about 20 members who pledge to vote “No” on any bill that raises taxes in the Legislature. I read in The Advocate that our own representative from Eunice joined the group when he elected and it is one of the divisive groups in the current sessions.

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Legislator defends prisoner release

Critics of our criminal justice reform are consistently misleading the public, trying to make it look like we released a crime wave on the streets of Louisiana’s cities. It just isn’t so.
One writer said we are putting the public at risk by granting early releases. That’s just fear mongering.
Under no circumstances would I risk the safety of the community where I live with my family and where my children are now raising my grandchildren.
Besides, most of these people were released only 60 days earlier than their normal release date.


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