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How to prevent car theft

Deter thieves by keeping valuables out of sight. I do not leave anything in sight inside my car.
Few motorists think much about preventing vehicle theft, until their cars are stolen.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. Many of those are recovered, but being victimized by car thieves can be a nerve-wracking and unsettling experience for car owners.

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I have had enough

Enough is enough!
The months of January and February of this year went well enough. Then the month of March came with a different kind of scenario that none of us have ever experienced before called coronavirus.

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American cheese, a recipe staple

I love cheese, and I enjoy eating a good grilled cheese sandwich.
Did you know, that according to the resource Serious Eats, the process for making American cheese was invented in Switzerland? In an effort to reduce cheese waste, scraps from various batches of cheese were melted together and formed into a new product.
In 1916, Canadian-American cheese salesman James Kraft perfected and patented the technique. He produced and sold the first American cheese.

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Interesting facts about fall

I know you are thinking the same as I am, “What fall?” Typically in Eunice the fall season doesn’t appear until October or sometimes even later.
However, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, the following gives facts about fall.
Weather is often the first indicator that the seasons are changing. For many people across the globe, the hot days of summer will soon be giving way to the more crisp days of fall.


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