Time for a congressional lie detector test

I am going to write this letter using the most simple grammar I can muster up in order for each member of Congress to understand without the use of an assistant. I don’t care if you have a D, R, I or No Party behind your name. I, like millions of Americans are tired of your intentionally delaying, bickering, lying,using party affiliations and several other stupid reasons for not performing the duties you were elected. You have entirely too many committees in Congress. As we say in the Deep South “one hand does not know what the other is doing.” You are in that position.

Bravo to many in Eunice

BRAVO TO EUNICE for selecting doctor of pharmacy Charles Feucht as Eunice Rotary Club’s 2017 Citizen of the Year. If any project was meaningful and worthwhile he engaged, participated and successfully completed entirely too many to list. Humans of this stature are few and far apart and Eunice has thrived with the presence of Mr. Feucht. In accepting the award Mr. Charles made a very moving and humble comment.

BSEE proposes revisions to Well Control Rule

Some recent editorials and news stories have falsely characterized regulatory review efforts currently underway at the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, apparently without having actually read the proposed revisions. One editorial in the Houston Chronicle expressed worries that many, including the U.S. Government and our agency, commonly referred to as BSEE, might have forgotten the lessons of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon tragedy and other offshore incidents. For the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement nothing could be further from the truth.

Standing up for Girl Scouts

As an 18-year-old, I struggled to find my way. After high school graduation, I found myself asking the question, what was I going to be when I grew up. I opted to take the road less traveled and joined the United States Army. While it was challenging and rewarding, I knew I needed more. Upon completion of my military service, I came home and became a Ragin Cajun. I learned a lot and earned my Bachelors of Arts Degree, but the question remained what was I going to be when I grew up.

DeVillier on Louisiana’s 2019 ‘fiscal cliff’

As many have heard, Louisiana is facing an approximately $600 million shortfall this year. This “fiscal cliff” is created due to the temporary 1 percent sales tax increase and suspension of tax exemptions expiring combined with a continued growth in state spending.
Since 2015, $1.38 billion in temporary taxes, $1 billion in permanent taxes, and tens of millions in new fees have been raised! During this time the state budget grew by $5.2 billion. Our state sales tax is temporarily at 5 percent and is set to sunset back to 4 percent in FY 2019.


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