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Happy Birthday!

Thirty-two years ago today I gave birth to my second born, a daughter.
The birth was a terrifying experience because I did not expect to deliver her as a C-birth (Cesarean). My OB/gyn doctor during this time was Dr. Ferrazzano in Opelousas. He was a great doctor for her and my oldest daughter. I trusted in his care during my pregnancies and the delivery of my first born.
When it was almost time to deliver, my heart rate started to become erratic, and then the baby’s rate started to decline. That’s when my doctor informed me and my husband it’s surgery time.
I can remember that afternoon so vividly, as the nurse wheeled me out of my room into the waiting hallway and to surgery, I caught a glimpse of my mother and father. That’s when I broke, because I saw my mom crying.
My daughter was born on Feb. 6, 1988, at 3:22 p.m. weighing 8 pounds and 8 ounces. She was born with a head full of black hair and was just perfect!
We named her Megan Frances Miller. I gave her my middle name. To this day she really doesn’t care for her middle name too much.
The event leading up to her birth was one to remember for a lifetime. On Feb. 5, 1988, snow fell, and it was a big snow storm with frozen ice and inches of snow on the ground. I was nine days overdue for delivery. My due date was Jan. 29. On the early morning of Feb. 6, I awoke and was hungry. I headed to the kitchen, placed biscuits in the oven. I sat at the kitchen table and took one bite of the biscuit and that’s all I could eat, as I went into labor.
Randy, my husband, and my oldest daughter Adrienne, were outdoors in the front yard area playing in the snow. So I was by myself inside my home and in terrific pain. I remember crawling on the floor, opening the front door and yelling at the top of my lungs to him, “I’m in labor, hurry!” And, because of all the false-labor trips to Opelousas prior to this particular morning, Randy had the nerve to ask me, “Are you sure you are in labor?” ... as I was screaming my head off! And by the way, I was soooo hungry and couldn’t eat, so this mom was NOT in a good mood!
Today, Megan Miller Guidry is married to a wonderful husband, Lyle, and is the mother of two sons, Winston and Isaac.
I could not be more proud and blessed to have her in my life. She has brought so much joy to my life.
Megan is a humble, kind, gentle-spirit, caring and a self-less woman. She thinks of everybody else and takes care of everybody else before her own self. She is a God fearing woman, and daily places her trust in God.
Today is a special day for Megan. It’s her birthday. I want to wish her a very happy birthday, and pray that she enjoys many more to come.
Happy Birthday “Mae Mae!”

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