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From ‘I alone can fix it’ to ‘I won’t own it’

A year ago this week, newly anointed as his party’s candidate for president, Donald J. Trump capped the Republican National Convention in Cleveland by ascending the podium in the Quicken Loans Arena, and offering these words:
“Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”
A year later, as the latest iteration of an Obamacare repeal lay in smoking ruins, Trump said this:

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Jim Brown

Democrats ignoring history

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved to read and study Louisiana history.
I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the history of the Bayou State at both Tulane University and LSU. And when it comes to examining the giant political figures that had a direct bearing on the stature and even the survival of Louisiana as an American state, two individuals stand head and shoulders above all others.

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Susan Stamper Brown

Leftists tormented by Trump’s inspiring Warsaw speech

Once upon a time, praising the essence of what is America was a good thing.
Normal even.
Not anymore. Do that now and you are written off as a racist or a member of the alt-right. Mention God and country and you are branded a “Nazi.” Talk about traditional family values and you are a homophobe. Discuss following the rule of law about immigration and you are labeled with all sorts of “phobes.”

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Tom Purcel

Americans in need of a vacation

Boy, I could use a vacation about now — like millions of other hardworking Americans.
According to a recent study by the U.S. Travel Association’s Project Time Off, 54 percent of American employees ended 2016 with unused time off — a total of about 662 million unused vacation days.
Whereas our friends in Europe enjoy up to six weeks off every year, Americans, after three years of working at a job, are lucky to average 10 days of vacation.

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Do we understand the significance?

It appears that all too many in our great country naively believe that the United States survived and thrived for the last 241 years, only because of the industry of its people. Such a prideful view point is indeed unfortunate. Our forefathers truly exhibited great humility because they understood and believed that God was the reason and source for their great bounty, blessings, and opportunity.


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