Support sought for St. Thomas Fall Festival

Dear friends, and foundations of our community,
The leaves haven’t changed. The air is still smoldering. Mosquitoes roar and swarm like crowds at a football game. But what did you expect? This is Fall in southern Louisiana. And so it is time once again for our Fall Festival at St. Thomas More, which will be held Sept. 27 to 29.
For over 50 years our parish has brought the light of Jesus Christ to the people of Eunice. For over five decades we have tended the poor, visited the sick, inspired the young, proclaimed the truth, and offered sacrifice and praise to God with hearts set aflame with Christian love. For over half a century our parish has been alive, vibrant, strong in faith. And for everyone of those years our mission from God has been supported by your generosity.
And what about now? The hours would stretch long indeed were you to read of everything that has been done here this year by the grace and love of God. But perhaps your patience will allow me a few highlights.
On Feb. 12, 27 of our young adults were sealed with gift of the Holy Spirit in the awesome ceremony of Confirmation.
On April 27, 34 of our precious children received Jesus Christ in holy Communion for the very first time.
And on April 25, our Catholic Student Center was recognized as the Student Organization of the Year by the LSUE Division of Student Affairs. It has been a year of untold grace, a year blessed by the goodness of God. But we plan for this year to be even better.
But we cannot do it without help. Your help. Once again we come to you humbly, asking for your donations: gifts of time, gifts of items for our auctions, gifts of advertising, gifts of financial aid. We ask that you come and enjoy yourself at our Fall Festival. We ask that you bring your family, and your friends, and your acquaintances. We won’t even say no to you bringing people you don’t know. And we ask also for your prayers. Finances are essential to running our ministry; but prayer is fundamental. Please be generous once again, as so many of you have been so faithfully in the past. Without you we cannot be who God has asked us to be. Without you our mission will fail. And without St. Thomas More, Eunice would be a less lively, less joyous, less vibrant place. So please find it in your heart to help. You have my blessing, and my prayers.
In Christ,
Rev. Clinton Sensat

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