Jim Brown

Louisana’s KKK history recalled after Charlottesville

Focus is back on the Ku Klux Klan following the tragic violence in Charlottesville last week. The Southern Poverty Law Center released data alleging that the Klan is still active in Louisiana, particularly in the central and northwest part of the state.
The Klan had once held a significant presence statewide throughout the first half of the 20th century. But following the enactment of 1964 Civil Rights Act, the FBI was given the authority to crack down on what used to be unevenly enforced state violations, and Klan activity in the Bayou State slowed to a trickle.

Free press is essential

The following is from The Advocate.
The so-called “traditional media” has been a whipping boy this year, blamed for evils large and small.
Are journalists perfect? Far from it. But a new book just published by LSU Press serves as a timely reminder of the valuable role that skilled reporters can play in uncovering wrongs and advancing the cause of justice.

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