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Rotary Club seeks nominees for top citizen award

The Eunice Rotary Club is accepting nominations for the 2020 Citizen of the Year Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize a person who has shown extraordinary community spirit and given outstanding service to the greater Eunice community during 2020, although service for other years may be considered.
John Pucheu, chairman of the Citizen of the Year Committee of the Eunice Rotary Club, stated, “The way we identify people to recognize for this award is by open nominations from the general public so we consider every nomination we receive. There are people who deserve to be honored who don’t get nominated.”
Pucheu added, “Many people spend time and effort trying to make Eunice a better place but we want to honor someone who has done something above and beyond the average, someone who devotes themselves to the good of the community because they love Eunice and not just for financial gain or prestige.”
Nominations must be in writing and must be received by 11 a.m. Jan. 27. Nominations may be mailed to John Pucheu, Citizen of the Year Committee, P.O. Box 1109, Eunice, LA 70535, sent by facsimile to 337-457-4858, or delivered to the Pucheu offices at 106 Park Ave., Eunice, LA. Nominations by email will not be accepted. The Eunice Rotary Club will consider every nomination received and the entire club will vote on the selection of an outstanding citizen.
For a person to be considered, someone must write a letter of nomination giving a description of the nominee’s contributions to the community. The composition of the letter can have a significant bearing because the letters of nomination are read out loud to the Rotary Club members as part of the selection process. A well-written letter with lots of details obviously makes a better impact than a letter that does not explain what the nominee has done to deserve recognition. More than one person may join in to submit a nomination but the committee chairman points out that a letter-writing campaign nominating one person with multiple form letters is not as effective as one really good letter signed by several people. Since all letters are read out loud to the club members voting on the selection, listening to multiple letters with similar content blunts the message.
The person nominated should have contributed substantially to the interest of the Eunice community. The award is designed to recognize service during the past year, but cumulative service over past years may also be considered. If you feel there is someone who ought to be recognized as Citizen of the Year, please take the time to submit a nomination.
Pucheu said, “People who give time and effort to make Eunice a better place often don’t seek publicity so it is important for anyone who knows an outstanding citizen to make a nomination. Some years we have to choose between a citizen who did something outstanding that particular year and a citizen who was nominated for years of cumulative service. Since our award is designed to focus on recent service, the citizen who gave years of cumulative service may be passed over for a citizen who did something outstanding during the past year. If you nominated someone for this award last year or some years ago and they didn’t get chosen, please nominate them again because this might be the year they get selected.”
The Eunice Rotary Club has been recognizing outstanding citizens since 1942. Past recipients include: Rick Nesbitt, 2019; Dale Sittig, 2018; Charles Feucht, 2017; Kimberly Russell, 2016; Jerica Guillory, 2015; Doris Stagg, 2014; Donna Baltakis, 2013; Ginny Moody, 2012; Robin D. Parker, 2011; Alma B. Reed, 2010; Bill Thompson, 2009; Jean McManus, 2008; Harry Reed, 2006; Dr. Bill Nunez, 2005; Susan G. Gaspard, 2004; Pamela P. Quirk, 2003; Norma Jean Miller, 2002; Billy O’Donnell, 2001; Mickey Guillory, 2000; Lynn Lejeune, 1999; Father Jules Arceneaux, 1998; Georgie Manuel, 1997; Pat Dossman and Dwight Jodon as co-recipients, 1996; Clarence Guillory, 1995; Janet Marcantel, 1994; Jerry Hoffpauir, 1993; Dr. Jack Miller, 1992; Curtis Joubert, 1991; Marc Savoy, 1990; Deacon Marius Soileau, 1989; Ivan Miller, 1988; Charles Seale, 1987; Dr. Rodney Landreneau Jr., 1986; Tom Voinche, Jr., 1985; J. Nilas Young, 1984; Karl DeRouen, 1983; Johnny Bourque, 1982; lohn I. Reed, 1981; Gil Young, 1980; Cliff Broussard Jr., 1979; Joe Nagata, 1978; Fred McClain, 1977; J.E. “Boo” LeDoux, 1976; Johnnie Wasmuth, 1975; Lorita McManus, 1974; Dr. Tom LaHaye, 1973; P.J. Baker, 1972; Harvey Gil, 1971; Joe Doucet, 1970; Wilson Moosa, 1969; Dr. Bernard Fruge, 1968; Dudley Guillory, 1967; “Andy” Jackson, 1966; Leon Tujague Sr., 1965; Mary LaHaye, 1964; Grady Lowe, 1963; Stewart Rozas, 1961; Matt Fruge Sr., 1960; Connie Larson, 1959; Mitch Ashy, 1958; Jack Eaton, 1957; Eugene Picou, 1956; Gladney Manuel, 1955; Matt Vernon, 1954; O.A. LaHaye, 1953; Claudia Morton, 1951; Dr. J. J. Stagg, 1950; Tom Verges, 1949; Ernest Russell, 1948; Msgr. A. A. Martel, 1947; “Cubbie” Parrott, 1946; Clint Mornhinveg, 1945; Chester Derbes, 1944; J.C. Keller Sr., 1943; and Dr. Harry Jenkins, 1942. The club chose not to present the award in 1952, 1962 and 2007.

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