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Eunice Police Radio Logs

The following are excerpts from the Eunice Police Department radio dispatch logs.

June 26
04:34 Caller from Crestview Apartment advised of shots fired.
04:52 Caller in Mill Street area reported shots fired.
05:16 911 call came through, subject advised that she was beaten by another subject. No address was given.
07:24 Caller in Crestview Apartment advised that a subject was shot.
07:43 Five bullet holes in an apartment was reported. Subject and other subject not home. Casings were recovered.
08:57 Caller in Benoit Street area advised that she wants her son’s shoes back.
09:59 Reckless driver reported in South 4th Street area.
10:24 Suspicious person reported in 400 block of Acadia.
11:38 Shots fired in the area of 100 block of Faquetigue.
11:43 Discovered subject popping fireworks.
12:48 Caller in CC Duson Street area reported subject on a bike using foul language. Subject headed toward Guillory Oil.
13:44 Caller in 700 block South 7th Street reported three juveniles trying to get into a home through a broken window.
14:57 Caller in 900 block of Tate requested a removal of a subject. Not wanted on property.
15:25 Lobby complaint in reference to damage to property.
15:35 Caller in 100 block of Mamie requested extra police patrol in regards to lots of traffic near her residence.
16:05 Lobby complaint in reference to damage to a vehicle.
16:51 Report of a subject blocking the roadway at East and Maple Avenue.
17:25 Loud music complaint in area of Eunice Recycling Center.
17:59 Reckless vehicle reported in the area of the Post Office, heading east.
18:57 Caller in 800 block of South Beulah advised that her family member won’t leave the residence and is not wanted.
19:27 Disturbance reported in Crestview Apartments.
20:22 Caller in 1600 block of West Magnolia advised that she was beaten up by another subject.
20:42 Gun shots heard in area of Dulles.
21:14 Caller in area of 500 block of South Beulah reported possible loud fireworks.
21:51 Caller in Crestview Apartments reported shots fired.
21:55 No evidence of gunshots fired, was advised it was fireworks.
22:20 Traffic crash reported in the area of Williams and South Martin Luther King Drive. A vehicle reported in the ditch.
23:25 Caller in 100 block of Armide reported someone is burning something in th back yard.

June 27
03:05 Caller in 200 block of Jelks advised that a subject is intoxicated and started breaking items.
07:01 Fight reported at 100 block of Acadia.
11:21 Shots fired in the area of Golden Seafood.
12:26 Caller in Martin Luther King Drive area near GoodHope advised of a subject passed out and stumbling through the grass.
12:45 Caller in 700 block of Richard reported bullet holes in exterior wall of residence.
15:38 Caller in Harris Addition reported two subject driving reckless on four wheelers on the roadway.
16:45 Caller in 1600 block of West Vine advised of trash that keeps going into her yard.
17:37 Traffic crash reported in front of Popeye’s. No injuries or road blockage reported.
18:20 Caller in 1600 block of West Vine advised that her neighbor has her son’s scooter.
18:57 Suspicious persons driving recklessly on four wheelers in the area of Nimitz Street.
19:46 Traffic crash reported in the area of West Vine and 8th Street. One injury reported.
21:19 Caller reported shots fired in Cotton Street area.
21:22 Visual seen of fireworks in the air near the area.
21:32 911 call, advised of shots fired. Call came from 1200 block of Phillip.
21:34 Caller in 200 block of Mamie advised that someone is banging on the his mother’s back door.
21:36 Caller in 1200 block of West Maple would like to speak to an officer in reference to fireworks.
22:04 Caller in 500 block of Bernice advised that a subject hit her boyfriend with a mailbox.
22:17 Harassment reported in 900 block of Williams.
22:31 Caller reported fireworks being popped behind the area of Sunsports.
22:35 Caller in 300 block of East Maple requested to speak to an officer in reference of fireworks being popped.
22:37 Subjects popping fireworks in the area of North 7th Street and Bacciochi.
22:57 Harassment reported in 200 block of June.
23:02 Caller in 2100 block of Dudley advised that a subject stole her vehicle.

June 28
00:09 Suspicious person reported in 1800 block of Amazon.
01:56 Suspicious vehicle reported in West Gate Shopping Center parking lot.
02:18 Caller in 900 block of Williams advised that someone is knocking on her door.
07:11 Caller advised that his son has not been heard from since previous night. Call came from North 2nd Street area.
08:36 Caller in 1600 block of West Magnolia advised that she was slapped.
09:19 Traffic crash reported in area of Hwy. 190 and 8th Street. Road blockage reported, unknown of injuries.
10:19 Suspicious subjects reported near Tobacco Plus.
11:19 Caller in 200 block of White advied that she heard shots fired.
11:25 Subject in 100 block of Townhome advised that his kids are popping fireworks in back yard.
12:01 Enroute to 200 block of White, was advised that subject had bullet holes in side of her home.
15:05 Neighbor complaint in reference to dogs loose. Call came from 500 block of Benoit.
15:37 Disturbance reported in 1000 block of North 4th Street.
16:41 Possible fight reported in the area of Northwest Center.
18:15 Caller in 400 block of Corn advised that his mother won’t give important documents to him.
19:17 Caller in 900 block of North 2nd Street advised several juveniles are throwing fireworks in people’s yards.
20:24 Caller in 900 block of North 2nd Street advised of subject on a motorized bike has wrecked. Unknown injuries reported.
20:31 Possible fight reported in 500 block of Beno.
20:36 Suspicious person walking in the middle lane of Hwy. 190 near Rocky’s.
21:18 Fight reported in the intersection of Marjorie and Clifford Street area.

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