Sugarcane is harvested on the Willis Provost farm near Kaplan. Growers report increased tonnage per acre this year, and mill operators are pleased with the sugar recovery. (Photo by Bruce Schultz/LSU AgCenter)

Sugarcane harvest doing well at halfway point

The 2017 Louisiana sugarcane crop is meeting expectations as the harvest approaches the halfway point.
“Tonnage is good, and sugar recovery is good,” said LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist Kenneth Gravois. “For both of them to be good in the same year is rare. Everybody is really pleased.”
Last year, sugar recovery was high, setting a record, but tonnage was down.

Harvesting sugarcane in St. Mary Parish. (Photo by Colin Murphey/Franklin Banner-Tribune)

Sugarcane is one of agriculture’s sustainable crops

During this time of year in St. Mary Parish, the sugarcane industry is highly visible. From truck-after-truck lumbering down parish roads and highways, to combines chewing up row after row of towering cane stalks, to steam belching out from sugar mills and fields lit  on fire, the cane industry is in full swing.
And while many St. Mary Parish residents may look forward to the end of the cane harvest and all the activity associated with the cane industry, what they may not know is the positive impact and lack of negative impact the industry actually has on the region.

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