Steve Gardes

Medicaid provider tax ‘scam’ with nursing homes and hospitals

The definition of a “scam” is a “confidence racket as a fraudulent means for unlawful gain money, or which may be lawful, but not praiseworthy or respectable”. Is it possible that Gov. Edwards and the Department of Health (LDH) are running a “scam” with state hospitals and nursing homes in order to fiscally justify Medicaid expansion?
This question is being asked because over the course of the three legislative sessions in 2018 to fix the states “fiscal cliff” the following facts have come to light, and they do not add up;

Facebook’s off the mark Zuckerberg

Every time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opens his mouth he somehow manages to stick his foot in it. It’s not so much what he says that is harmful to both himself and his company, it’s how he says it.
Last week, Zuckerberg managed to infuriate a large segment of the population by defending Facebook’s policy to permit blatantly anti-Semitic posts on the site. His rationale for allowing hate speak to continue unfettered was a veritable cornucopia of double-speak; the kind that is both acceptable to and tolerated by an ever-increasing number of Americans.

Tom Purcell

Wearing out longevity’s welcome

Boy, are Americans getting old.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median age — the age at which half of the population is older and half is younger — hit an all-time high of 38 in 2017.
Why is it rising? Because our massive baby-boom generation continues to go geezer, while young moms and dads are having way fewer kids than American parents used to.
What’s more interesting is that the number of Americans who were 100 years or older also hit a record in 2017 - a number that is poised to explode.

Will Durst

The resistance is a failure

You don’t need 20/20 vision to see that the whole world is waiting for the Democratic Party to push back against the tyrannical tendencies of the Trump administration. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.
Those of you with weak stomachs need to avert your eyes and keep all children sequestered behind closed doors (at least until after the Midterms are over) because the current state of the American Opposition Party is… well, it ain’t pretty.

Tom Purcell

Summertime dinner calls long overdue

Maybe a new Utah law will revive the lost art of parents calling their children home for dinner.
Utah recently passed the nation’s first “free-range parenting” law to protect parents from prosecution for allowing their children to play in nearby parks, walk to school, go to the store or rumble through a neighborhood creek — without adult supervision.
It’s a shame that it now takes passing laws to allow kids to enjoy childhood activities without adult supervision, but we must.


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