Tom Purcell

Irish stereotypes no joking matter

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us — which means it’s time for retailers, and too many other Americans, to perpetuate the “drunken Irishman” stereotype.
Here’s what three typical St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts available at say:
“Half Irish, Half Drunk”
“Irish Today, Hungover Tomorrow”
“I’m So Irish, I Bleed Whiskey”
IrishCentral reports there are more than 1,000 items on Amazon that “perpetuate the offensive defaming stereotype of conflating being Irish with drunk.”

Steve Gardes

Debt/deficits and modern monetary theory

The national debt has more than doubled over the last 10 years to $22 trillion. The Trump Administration just released it’s 2020 Budget that projects a budget deficit of $1.1 trillion (if Congress agrees to a $2.7 trillion cut in entitlement spending over 10 years), and that the national debt will increase another $4.8 trillion over the next five years to $27 trillion if all goes well. Republicans, who screamed over the Obama trillion dollar deficits, are now silent. Democrats are now the ones screaming, but screaming over the proposed $2.7 trillion cuts to entitlements.


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