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Christine Flowers

About men, women, interruptors and the post-woke age

When a woman keeps talking over a man who refuses to listen and is trying to interrupt her, that is at most an annoyance and a breach of courtesy. If the woman and the man happen to be in a romantic or familial relationship, it is also grounds for some flowers and a nice dinner. It does not qualify the woman for a Bronze Star, the Nobel Prize in Physics (figuring out how to avoid a nuclear explosion,) or the Oprah Winfrey Seal of Approval.

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Tom Purcell

Humor is the cure for what ails America

It’s never too late for a good belly laugh.
July 1 was, unofficially, International Joke Day. The origins of the day are unclear, but whoever started it was on to something — because our country sure could use a good belly laugh about now.
Which reminds me of the man who walked into a dentist’s office one evening.
“I think I’m a moth,” said the man.
“I’m sorry,” said the dentist. “But I can’t help you. You need to see a psychiatrist.”
“I am seeing a psychiatrist,” said the man.
“Then why did you come to my office?” said the dentist.

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Rich Manieri

The dismantling of Joe Biden

I don’t know Joe Biden personally. I do know a lot of people who move in the same circles as the former vice president and by all accounts, Biden is a decent person; genuine, affable, earnest.
I disagree with Biden on most political issues and I wouldn’t vote for him at gunpoint,but I don’t believe he is a lech, a racist or a homophobe.
Yes, he does have a gaffe habit that is killing is presidential candidacy, one misspoken phrase at a time, but he deserves better from his own party and from a media that have decided he’s no longer a horse worth backing.

There is something about moving day

There’s something about the sound of an empty house.
You walk room to room and your footsteps seem to echo as you take inventory of each vacant space.
I did it again, just last week.
I counted and it was the fourteenth move of my adult life. That’s a lot.
Because we are in the midst of the busiest moving season of the calendar year, I thought it appropriate to raise some universal truths about moving, not the least of which is that everyone hates it.


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