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Jim Brown

What? Change the state song?

Gov. Jimmie Davis must be rolling over in his grave right now. Louisiana’s internationally acclaimed official state song is under attack by the Louisiana Legislature. There is an effort by some south Louisiana legislators to designate the Cajun classic "Jambalaya" as an official public ballad. And them’s fightin’ words for those who have embraced "You are my Sunshine" as the sanctioned formal melody.

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Christine Flowers

Erasing Kate Smith won’t cover America’s hypocrisy

We have become a society that demands the utmost purity from our members. No flaws, no past errors, no gaffes in the distant past. We must all be like Caesar’s wife, completely beyond reproach.
Well, not all of us, actually. Liberals are now the ones who make the social rules, and so the only ones who have to have a pristine resume are their philosophical enemies. This past week gave us the perfect example of that new normal, which very much resembles the old hypocrisy.

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Steve Gardes

We have been misled on Medicaid expansion

State Representative Rick Edmonds recent article stated that there has been a great deal of misleading reports surrounding the state’s Medicaid Expansion program and Medicaid Fraud, and that Louisiana taxpayers deserve the facts since “we have only scratched the surface.” That is very alarming when you consider that the Louisiana Legislative Auditor has issued three audit reports in 2018 identifying large scale fraud (well in excess of $100 million per year) taking place in our Medicaid program being administered by Louisiana Department of Health (“LDH”) — yet we have only scratched the su

Trump and the media: A mutual obsession

President Trump and the media have an interesting relationship. Each is the object of the other’s obsession, though neither seems willing to admit it.
I’m not sure what this says about me because I’m obsessed with the relationship.
There’s something strangely captivating about watching such abject dysfunction manifest itself on such a big stage.

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Danny Tyree

Hugged a volunteer firefighter lately?

The tragic fire that engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral compels me to write about services that we take for granted, right up until the moment we suddenly need them ourselves.
I have the utmost respect for professionals who decide to make a career of firefighting; but this week I will be focusing on the nation’s VOLUNTEER fire departments, made up of citizens who work for free or a nominal amount or at least a written guarantee that all emergency calls will last long enough for their spouse to get the kids’ homework and baths tended to. (“Darn, honey! That happens every time!”)


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