Danny Tyree

Would you move for a better job? Really?

When I was in school, many of my classmates were probably descended from settlers who built the town’s first log courthouse.
Others, however, stood out as the proverbial new kid in town.
Most likely, these students were surrounded by strangers because of the postwar model of the American dream: dad excels at work and gets offered a juicy promotion if he will simply load up the station wagon and drag his dutiful wife, their two-point-five kids and the family dog halfway across the country so he can work his magic as a plant manager, efficiency expert or chemical engineer.

Jim Brown

Too many statewide offices?

Current Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser has brought up an interesting idea. Have the governor and the lieutenant governor run together on the same ticket. Such a system exists in a majority of states across the nation.
As Nugesser states: “The ticket idea seems to work well in other states. We ought to consider it. The only way I can do the best job I can do is to have a good working relationship with the governor.”

Tom Purcell

The importance of home ownership

Younger generations buying fewer homes than prior generations is not good for America.
A recent Urban Institute study found home ownership among millennials, ages 25 to 34, is about 8 percent lower than it was for prior generations at the same age
Which means many millennials are missing out on the misery of home ownership.
The quaint cottage-style house I’ve owned for 22 years has given me grief from day one. The latest incident involved my pressure washer.

Jim Brown

In Louisiana, just tell them I lied

There seems to be a wealth of fabricators at the state capitol in Baton Rouge. Gov. John Bel Edwards is accusing U.S. Sen. John Kennedy of making “untruthful comments” on the early release of state prisoners. Kennedy has countered back calling out the governor for “bending the truth.” Two state senators physically squared off against each other in a local bar. And both Democrat and Republican legislators have accused each other of “hiding the truth” as to just whose at fault over the state’s perilous financial condition.

A danger to American democracy

Let’s be frank. Congressional incumbents seeking re-election have a distinct advantage over their opponents. One of those advantages is the congressional franking privilege.
For those far enough away from high school civics class to remember, franking allows members of Congress to transmit mail under their signature without paying postage. Franking legislation has a long history, dating back to the First Continental Congress in 1775.


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