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Scott Angelle

Ensuring safe offshore energy production

Our nation’s energy story is one of innovation, growth, and determination, and nowhere is it more evident than in my home state of Louisiana. Today, offshore energy production occurs on less than one percent of our nation’s outer Continental Shelf, but is responsible for 16 percent of U.S. oil production, three percent of U.S. natural gas production, and billions of dollars in revenue that annually flows into rebuilding our coastline and improving our state and local parks.

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Cable hosts get the memo

Bill O’Reilly, once the most powerful voice on cable-TV, has been largely absent from public view for two years following revelations that he paid some $50 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. Yet, O’Reilly’s signature — a segment he called “The Memo” — continues to have an unfortunate impact across the cable dial.
O’Reilly began his nightly Fox News Channel program with commentary, not news. His conservative “Memo” was delivered in compelling style, yielding high ratings for the show and power for its host.

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Rich Manieri

Breaking news: Legitimate political discourse is dead

“This just in,” as we say in the news business.
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher recently called Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to complain about President Donald Trump.
This is indeed big news, mainly because Thatcher has been dead for six years.
But, if the former vice president says he spoke to Thatcher, who am I to question?
Biden later corrected himself and said he was talking about current Prime Minister Theresa May, who is very much alive. Biden called the mistake a “Freudian slip,” which is also kind of a strange thing to say.

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Hurricane season: Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?

It’s the kickoff for hurricane season and forecasters are predicting as many as 14 named storms with anywhere from three to six of these storms growing into major hurricanes. Here on the Gulf Coast, we certainly perk up when this time of year rolls around. For years, a good story in south Louisiana went like this:
“I’m a Catholic, so I certainly know a good bit about suffering,” she would say.
“Yeah, I’m a Louisiana homeowner, he answered.
“Oh, so you understand.”

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Peter Funt

Baseball must end diamond dust-ups

The boys of summer will be boys and it’s high time Major League Baseball did something about it.
The generally genteel game is increasingly marred by senseless brawling among players and coaches. It seems baseball’s age-old codes of honor, rooted in “respect,” are colliding with modern performance antics - such as flipping one’s bat or staring at the pitcher after hitting a home run. The latest example, involving the Royals and White Sox in Chicago on April 17, played out like this:


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