Jim Brown

Is anyone interested in voting in Louisiana?

Remember the 1970 song by Chicago; “Does anybody know what time it is, does anybody really care?” Well it’s close to Election Day in Louisiana, and it would seem by early voting projections and general lack of interest that Louisianans are not holding their breath to cast their ballot. Why the lack of attention to an event that affects the future of the state and the entire nation? There are a number of reasons.

Steve Gardes

Work requirements, welfare: Lessons of history

The value of studying history is so that future generations don’t make the same mistakes as our forefathers. Having said that, it was stunning to watch the political tug-of-war that took place in Baton Rouge this past legislative session trying to add work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries that now represent one-third of the state. Bills in both the House and the Senate stalled in committee as the legislative session ended, as Democrats fought it tooth and nail. So what does history tell us about this issue?

Tom Purcell

After Saudi visit freedom is appreciated

Like millions of Americans, I often took my incredible freedoms for granted — until I visited Saudi Arabia.
For years, I’ve done marketing communications work for technology companies. Four years ago, a client asked me if I was interested in joining her on a project in the kingdom.
“Heck, yeah,” I responded. How often does one get to visit the Middle East, all expenses paid?

Michael Reagan

​Vote against America, vote Democrat

The midterms are coming up in a couple of weeks, in case you hadn’t noticed.
I’m living out here in California, but I’m sure the same thing is going on across the country.
All the Democrats in federal and statewide races are not running for anything, they’re all running against Donald Trump.
It’s a pretty desperate — and stupid — strategy by the Democrats that’s based on their deranged hatred of President Trump.
It hard to watch the Dems illogic.


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