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Christine Flowers

Beware the digital KGB roaming the streets

Social media has given everyone with an opinion the power of both anonymity and number.
In the past, you could clutch your pearls in one hand and write a scathingly brilliant Letter to the Editor in another. Now you can join forces with like-minded people you never met, light your electronic torches and set out to kill the monster in the castle.
Of course, you first have to create the monster.

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Tom Purcell

Kids, pedal those pandemic blues away

Here’s one good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic: Bike sales are booming. I hope that means kids will begin riding in big numbers again.
There was a big bike-sales boom in the early 1970s, too — the result of millions of baby boom kids, like me, riding our bikes from dawn until dusk.
From its inception in the 1800s, the bicycle had been produced mostly for adults. In the 1900s, bikes offered urban working-class folks an inexpensive way to get to and from work. Sales were brisk into the early 1900s.

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Rewriting Louisiana’s history

It looks like it’s time to get out the soap powder in Louisiana and the rest of the nation. In protests all over the country, there is a growing call for the banishment of whatever tattered remnants are left from the aftermath of the Civil War. Not just flags, but monuments, names, Dukes of Hazzard, Aunt Jemima syrup, Uncle Ben’s rice, Gone with the Wind, they all gotta go. The cultural cleansing in the Bayou state has begun.

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Danny Tyree

Do you treasure prom memories?

My wife and I experienced some vicarious living when our son Gideon (finishing up his junior year of high school) attended the senior prom.
(Yes, VICARIOUS living. It’s not like we got him out of the house, jumped with glee and yelled, “Date night!” It was more along the lines of “Aw, but I yelled ‘Date night’ LAST time. Can’t YOU say it this…ZZZZZZ….”)
You see, we had to experience a high school milestone through Gideon’s eyes because neither of us went to our proms.

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Peter Roff

What can we do about the post office?

The future of the United States Postal Service isn’t really in President Donald Trump’s hands, despite what his critics are saying.
The service is hemorrhaging money. The COVID crisis has imposed demands on it that may be unprecedented. And Congress may eventually need to provide some emergency assistance for it to survive. The one person who really counts is Louis Dejoy, the North Carolina businessman Trump recently named (and whom the postal Board of Governors unanimously approved) to be the next postmaster general.


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