Forget Trump’s tax returns, what about mine?

I don’t care about President Trump’s tax returns.
With the filing deadline approaching, I’m far more interested in my tax return. Because as fascinating as the contents of the president’s returns might be, it’s my own that give me agita.
Of course, I do realize that some Americans, most of whom are House Democrats, care deeply about Trump’s tax returns.

Christine Flowers

The guillotine of public opinion comes for Joe Biden

About the time that the #MeToo movement really started to get traction in 2017, I compared it to the Salem witch trials. I wasn’t the only one, and it was hardly an original idea, but the parallels between what happened in Massachusetts centuries ago and what was happening in real time on cable TV, in print media, and most especially in Congress were undeniable. People started launching accusations with demands that we should #Believeher even absent any real proof.

Tom Purcell

Hope ‘springs’ eternal for civil discourse

Spring has finally arrived in all its glory.
In Pittsburgh, the weather has warmed, the trees are blossoming and the birds are singing cheerfully.
Sure, we Pittsburghers get plenty of rain this time of year, but as English poet Thomas Tusser reminds us, “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.” (The Pittsburgh version of Tusser’s memorable line is just as uplifting: “April showers bring May showers.”)

Christine Flowers

Do Democrats hate Trump more than they love America?

The most troubling thing about the end of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was the reaction of so many on the left when they learned that Donald Trump was not a Russian asset. They were, to put it mildly, disappointed.
Philadelphia native and MSNBC host Chris Matthews appeared apoplectic (admittedly not unusual for him) and went into a rant that ended with: “How can they let Trump off the hook?”
His colleague Joy Reid took aim at Attorney General William Barr’s neutrality and referred to the “seeds of a cover-up.”


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