Peter Funt

Arizona mirrors the midterm divide

PHOENIX — The race to pick a new U.S. Senator from Arizona underscores the tenor, tactics and tightness of the 2018 midterm elections.
Two admired congresswomen are neck and neck as they seek to replace retiring Sen. Jeff Flake. Martha McSally, the Republican, and Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrat, are engaged in a high-stakes, high-spending campaign that reflects the nation’s sharp political divide.

Peter Funt

It’s news to me

These are the best of times, and the worst of times, for being well informed.
We have a vast landscape of news sources, yet we tend to view them through a peephole rather than a porthole.
If you believe, as I do, that it is a civic responsibility to stay abreast of current events, consider taking a few steps to be a better news consumer.
— Don’t be screen-centric. TV, computers and phones bring us most of our news, in forms that are fast and convenient. But if you’re among those who never, ever, come in contact with a physical newspaper or magazine, fix that.

Christine Flowers

Graffiti by social-justice warriors was a hate crime

I grew up with family stories. My maternal great-grandfather, a hard-working immigrant from Abruzzo, reacted to some now forgotten blow to his honor by hanging himself with his youngest daughter’s jump rope in their West Philadelphia basement. His wife, Philomena, was left to raise eight children, alone. She suffered another devastating loss when her 3-year-old son, Freddy, found some matches, set fire to his clothing, and burned to death. My grandfather Michael was the first to be born in this country after his family made the long Atlantic crossing, from Naples.

Tom Purcell

Failing U.S. citizenship

Failing U.S. citizenship
“If younger generations don’t know why and how America is such a great nation, we are doomed!”
“Ah, you speak of the recent Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation survey that finds only one in three Americans can pass the U.S. Citizenship Test.”
“You got that right. Two-thirds of Americans failed the 10-multiple-choice-question test even though they only needed six correct answers to pass.”


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