Christine Flowers

Toxic masculinity is a myth

Last week, shaving-supply company Gillette released a controversial ad reminding guys of their “toxic masculinity,” a phrase that has popped up to describe the supposed hazards of typically male behavior.
The ad begins by showing men engaging in Neanderthal-like activities including cat-calling, bullying, mansplaining, and using sexual innuendo when talking to women. Then, in a cloyingly obvious nod to #MeToo, the ad suggests that men can “get closer to [their] best” by being empathetic to women’s needs and intervening when their pals engage in harassing behavior.

Tom Purcell

Relax, people! They’re just cookies

Just as my annual diet has begun showing promise, my greatest obstacle to success is upon me: Girl Scout Cookie season has begun.
My problem with Girl Scout Cookies is personal. But, like everything else in our culture, some people have moral or political problems with them.
Some nutritionists say the cookies are unhealthy, so it’s immoral for Girl Scouts to promote these sugary, fatty treats to a nation struggling with an obesity epidemic.

Jim Brown

Get healthy - drink more Coke?

I picked up a recent copy of Men’s Health Magazine with a lengthy article on weight loss based on research from Louisiana’s own Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The results were typical-eat less, eat early, breath deep, and get lots of exercise. And sugar? The Pennington study concludes that all those naysayers who express concern over the dangers of sugar are exaggerating a bit. “The evidence is underwhelming that sugar is much or any worse than other refined carbs.” So great news for all you sugar addictors. Just cut back a bit on the carbs say the folks at Pennington.

Thomas Sowell

Clinging to false catchwords

In this era when there has been more information available to more people than at any time in the past, it is also true that there has been more misinformation from more different sources than ever. We are not talking about differences of opinion or inadequate verification, but about statements and catchwords in utter defiance of facts.
Among the most popular current catchwords are “climate change deniers.” Stop and think. Have you ever -- even once in your entire life -- seen, heard or read even one human being who denied that climates change?

Danny Tyree

Prohibition: The countdown to 100 years

It’s time to brush up on your knowledge of speakeasies, bathtub gin, demon rum, homebrew, bootlegging and other icons of the Roaring Twenties.
January 16 marked the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment, which set in motion the criminalization of the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages a year later.


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