Tom Purcell

Effective wit a dying art in politics

Among today’s most regrettable trends is the dying art of effective humor and satire in politics.
During 1984’s second debate between President Reagan and Democratic nominee Walter Mondale, moderators rightfully asked Reagan, then 73, if he had enough stamina to carry out his duties.
Reagan answered, “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

Michael Reagan

​American politics – and tragedy

So what’s the final score?
Who won the midterm elections on Tuesday night? The D team or the R team?
Let’s see.
The Democrats and the progressive left have got Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House for two years. Maxine Waters is ready to rumble too.
I’m sure Nancy, Maxine and their aged claque of Trump haters and progressives will quickly show America their nasty partisan nature.

Joe Guzzardi

John Glenn: Ted Williams batted 1.000 for America

This summer on a swing through Boston, I took the Fenway Park tour. Along the way, our guide pointed out the retired Red Sox numbers hanging over the grandstands: No. 1 Bobby Doerr, No. 6 Johnny Pesky, No. 8 Yaz and others that included David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Jim Rice and Carlton Fisk, even though he played more years for the Chicago White Sox than the Bosox.

Danny Tyree

Veterans Day: Is it enough?

Editor Note: A prior version of this column was distributed by Cagle Cartoons in 2011.
“What have you done for us lately?”
I don’t think the average American military veteran has the time or the temperament to spend 51 weeks a year asking such a question, but a reasonable person could hardly blame him if he did.

Tom Purcell

After Pittsburgh’s tragedy, start with Mister Rogers

Saturday morning is normally my favorite morning of the week.
Usually, I sit in a festive coffee shop near downtown Pittsburgh, working on a novel, a love story, I’m eager to complete.
Last Saturday morning, I heard police cars and ambulances racing past the coffeehouse — headed, I now know, to the tragic scene at the Tree of Life Synagogue just 4 miles away, where innocents were targeted as they worshiped.
It’s the latest in a series of tragedies in which powerful weapons were used to slaughter defenseless people.


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