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Jim Brown

Too much political correctness in Louisiana

I don’t know about you, but I sure am confused about all this current debate over gender equity, gay rights and transgenders. I keep reading in the newspaper about LGBT. I had to look up the lettering to even know what the abbreviation means. Being “politically correct” has become an obsession with much of the country as well as right here at home in Louisiana.

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Christine Flowers

Democrats disrespect Biden by not appreciating his past

As former Vice President Joe Biden has embarked on his latest campaign for the presidency, I’ve been reminded about why I left the Democratic Party three years ago, after having been a member since 1980.
I’ve been reminded of this as his presidential campaign has faced backlash again and again — and it only officially began a month ago!

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Tom Purcell

Alleged would-be ISIS bomber could have lived American dream

Here’s the worst part: He had every opportunity to choose life.
Last week, 21-year-old Mustafa Mousab Alowemer was arrested for allegedly plotting to bomb a small Christian church in Pittsburgh’s North Side.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, his motivation was to support the cause of ISIS. And he was “aware that numerous people in or around the Church could be killed by the explosion.”
That’s a lousy way to show gratitude.

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Danny Tyree

More thoughts that should keep you awake at night

No single theme grabbed my attention this week, so we’re back to a potpourri of random thoughts.
For instance, I often encounter news reports about some inmate serving a life sentence and going before the parole board for the umpteenth time. Not only is the convict a model prisoner (operating a prison ministry, donating both his kidneys to a stranger, etc.), but someone else has confessed to the crime, the crime took place 18 months before the convict was born and oh, yeah, the alleged murder victim has been running a food truck outside the courthouse for the past five years!!!


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