Michael Reagan

An assault in the Senate

It was a long, embarrassing day of drama, tears and ugly partisan bickering.
But by the end of Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, I came to the conclusion that both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford had told the truth.
I believed Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh never sexually assaulted Ford in 1982, when they were both teenagers.
And I also believed Ford really was sexually assaulted at age 15 — but not by Kavanaugh.

Christine Flowers

Kavanaugh creates #MeToo moment for men

It’s very hard to watch another human being cry. It makes you feel like a voyeur, gazing upon a sad moment that should be lived privately. It is a minor agony, to experience the agony of another. It is particularly hard when you know that the person didn’t see the sorrow coming, didn’t expect the crushing weight of it and still can’t understand how it happened.

Tom Purcell

Spendthrift idioms define Congress

“Republicans like to talk about fiscal discipline, but when they have control of Congress they spend like drunken sailors!”
“Ah, yes, you speak of the recent $150 billion spending bill that does some good things for veterans, but is loaded with goodies and pork — as though the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t warned that our annual deficits will exceed $1 trillion in 2020 and will increase our debt by $12.4 trillion by 2028!”

Christine Flowers

The Bert and Ernie lesson

Bert and Ernie are not gay. That I even have to say this is the problem, not the actual fact that they aren’t.
This week, long-time Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman revealed that he wrote Bert and Ernie’s relationship as that of “a loving couple” and based it on his own relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman.
Soon after, Sesame Workshop took to Twitter with a denial - not just of Bert and Ernie’s romantic relationship but of the very concept of sexual orientation for puppets.
I’m with them.


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