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Tom Purcell

One disruptive hand ruins work made light by many

It was a perfect late-spring Saturday.
Several members of my large extended family gathered at my parents’ house to trim hedges and plant flowers. The sun was out, the skies were brilliant blue and the temperature was perfect for yardwork.
A wonderful old saying, “many hands make light work,” was certainly the case — though we really didn’t “work.”
We gathered as a family, laughing, joking, catching up with each other, marveling at how fast the little ones are growing, and paying homage to our shared heritage.

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Rich Manieri

If only we would tame our tongues

I stopped long ago reading comments under news articles and opinion pieces. Not because I don’t believe readers should have the opportunity to comment, but mostly because nothing about what is posted is helpful or constructive. In fact, much of it is nasty and vile.
For the same reason, I’m not on Twitter anymore. Not because I don’t recognize social media as a valuable tool for marketing or disseminating important information, but because it has become a forum for misinformation, slander and hate. And I know very well that I have it within me to become part of the problem.

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Danny Tyree

Which songs make you cry?

“Late at night when it’s hard to rest/I hold your picture to my chest/ and I feel fine, I feel fine/But it’s a rainy night in Georgia…” – written by Tony Joe White and performed by Brook Benton.
I need your input. I know this is a terribly personal question, but which songs make you cry? And why? (And would you be miffed if you suddenly, inexplicably started receiving spam emails for Kleenex and Visine?)

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Christine Flowers

When memories are what matters most

A million years ago, we were worried about who was going to win the Iowa Caucuses, and then Super Tuesday, and then when Bernie Sanders was finally going to pack it in.
Now, despite what the most die-hard political operatives might believe, we really don’t give a flying fig. What we care about now is that our families, friends and other loved ones come through this dark time safely, whole and with as little damage to their bodies and their psyches as possible.

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Jase Graves

Learning to live with corona hair

It’s high time Americans accept a first-world side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I don’t mean those blasted directional floor stickers I can’t navigate in the aisles at Walmart. No, I’m referring to male-pattern corona hair.
At the risk of sounding like a narrow-minded, shortsighted, male chauvinist invasive feral swine, the closure of hair salons during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a source of anxiety mainly for the fairer sex. (Dang! There I go again!) But for men with profuse scalp shrubbery like mine, the angst has been every bit as severe.


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