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Tom Purcell

Social Security’s looming shortfall

“Sometimes I worry that if I ever can retire and do get Social Security payments, they’ll be a lot less than what I’ve been promised,” I said to my CPA, Louie the Number Cruncher.
“There is some reason to worry, Tommy. According to the Social Security trustees’ latest report, the two trust funds that support the program will run out of reserves in 2035. If that happens, beneficiaries like you will get only 80% of the benefits they’re owed.”
“But I thought Social Security was an insurance program, not a typical government program!”

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Rich Manieri

Real-time failure of democratic socialism

Harry Reid is starting to make sense.
I was afraid this day would come. Perhaps it’s an indication of the Apocalypse or, at the very least, that multiple blows to the head, received during my less-than-stellar amateur athletic career, have finally caught up with me.
It’s amazing what a politician will say when he isn’t running for anything or trying to hold onto power. This is one among many reasons I favor term limits, which are about as realistic as an Uber to Mars.

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Peter Funt

Put this column on your list

Here are my five favorite things about this sentence: (1) It grabs your attention, (2) It keeps you guessing, (3) It’s not overly wordy, (4) It’s something you might forward to friends, (5) It’s part of the list-making trend that just keeps growing.
The New York Times sent subscribers an email on Aug. 11 promoting “12 new books our editors liked” and “10 best new recipes.” There was also a report on “the 50 best TV shows on Netflix right now.” 50! That’s quite a list. I expect a follow-up in which editors select “the 10 best TV shows on our list of Netflix’s 50 best TV shows.”

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Danny Tyree

Dying languages: Can they be saved?

“Took away our native tongue/And taught their English to our young…” — from “Indian Reservation,” by John D. Loudermilk.
According to the United Nations, there are about 6,500 distinct languages (not just dialects) spoken throughout the world. And HALF of those languages are in danger of disappearing by the next century.
That’s right: one language becomes extinct every two weeks! Which means somewhere, right now, someone is smacking his forehead and muttering, “I KNEW I should have read the shopping list a day sooner.”

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Tom Purcell

Unleashing entrepreneurs is good for all

Here’s some great news: The American entrepreneur is flourishing again.
From 1980 until 2017, “the number of new startups formed each year … plummeted by half — from almost 15% of all business 35 years ago to barely 8%,” according to Forbes contributor David Pridham.
In 2015, regrettably, America experienced more business deaths than new business startups — the first time that had happened since the sluggish economy of 1980.


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