Rick Jensen

Personal information disappearing

Your personal information is most likely out there for criminals to use.
Did you call Equifax? Did they say your information was likely not compromised?
Don’t believe them. I get this from internationally renowned cyber security expert Josh Marpet, who suggests we should all freeze our credit so no one opens up a bunch of credit cards in our names.
You may have read about some of his exploits, such as using his skills to prove Recep Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey, was taking bribes.

Michael Reagan

Anger trumps comedy in America

You can’t go to a bar or a play.
You can’t go out to eat with friends.
You can’t even go to a big family dinner without getting into an angry political argument.
Everyone has a strong opinion about Trump, Hillary, Rocket Man, healthcare, Confederate statues, the minimum wage - everything.
And their opinion is always right and everyone else’s is always wrong.
There’s hardly a place left where you can get away from politics and find a little fun and solace.
I can’t even relax in front of the TV anymore.

Stephen Waguespack: Louisiana needs the protection offered by Amendment No. 1

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, a well-known and trusted voice, said this week that he expects turnout to be around 15 percent for Saturday’s election. He is basing that prediction on historical averages and the fact that the turnout for early voting in this race was just 3 percent of eligible voters.

Three measly percent.

Peter Funt

Names make news

Names making news—and generating opinions:
MIKE PENCE. The Veep fooled no one Sunday. He calculatingly attended the Colts-49ers game in Indianapolis just long enough to stage a walkout as soon as San Francisco players knelt during the national anthem. Pence knew—as we all did — that the Niners lead the league in kneeling. His transparent headline-grabbing ploy was a failure.

Tom Purcell

My dad, Hef & real wealth

Since Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s recent death, a variety of voices have been calling him everything from a cultural icon and innovator to, according to New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, “wicked,” a “chauvinist” and “a pornographer.”
“Hef the vanquisher of puritanism, Hef the political progressive, Hef the great businessman and all the rest,” writes Douthat. “There are even conservative appreciations, arguing that for all his faults Hef was an entrepreneur who appreciated the finer things in life and celebrated la différence.”


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