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Danny Tyree

Can we discontinue the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ scam?

Speaking as a father (“What — am I made of money? Go ask your mother! When you have your own roof, you can make your own rules! No, my abs aren’t flabby, they’re just meditating…”)
No, this could go on forever. Start over. Speaking as a COLUMNIST, with a strict word limit, I agree good fathers should be loved and respected. But no dad should take for granted that they will receive obligatory World’s Greatest Dad merchandise.

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Christine Flowers

Why I’m a proud member of Antifa

I have come to the realization that I am a member of Antifa. This surprises me, since I’ve often been a huge critic of the mobs that rage in the streets and cause immense physical and emotional damage. I’ve written columns excoriating them, recorded podcasts condemning them, issued appeals to my friends on social media to confront them.
But it occurred to me over the past week of violence, of curfews, of erasures of history and abject apologies for crimes never committed that I am against fascism, and that makes me Antifa namely, “Anti-Fa(scism ).”

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‘30 Days a Black Man’ offers insights into challenges

Police were called about John Mahone, a black man, having an argument with his wife. A cop shot and killed him because he thought Mahone had a knife. Mahone had a can opener.
An officer searching for illegal whiskey saw another black man, Harris Miller, run. When Miller didn’t halt, the cop shot and killed him.
Police were called to subdue R.D. Mance, a black man with mental health issues. A cop subdued him - with his gun.
These shootings happened in Atlanta in 1948.

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Peter Funt

A new morning in news

The New York Times made a quiet disclosure recently that speaks loudly about the state of news media today.
Its newsletter, “The Morning,” has reached over 17 million circulation, which the paper says is one the largest daily audiences in any form of journalism across all platforms.

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Jase Graves

Are you tired of the ‘new normal’?

I don’t know about you, but the next time I hear someone refer to the “new normal,” I think I might scream into my middle daughter’s unacceptable new bikini bottoms that I plan to confiscate and turn into a coronavirus face mask. If adjusting my daily activities according to COVID-19 protocol is now the norm, I’m ready to declare myself an official freakazoid, which is how most people (especially my family members) see me, anyway.


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