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Danny Tyree

Can Scooby-Doo really be 50 years old?

Do you long for the days when the only outbursts our delicate ears had to worry about were the Z word (“Zoinks!”) and the J word (“Jinkies!”)?
Then you might want to pop open some Scooby Snacks and celebrate the fact that September 13 marks the 50th anniversary of “What a Night for a Knight,” the first episode of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?”

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Jim Brown

A dumb idea to buy Greenland?

President Trump stirred up a hornet’s nest recently as he proposed that the U.S. try to buy Greenland. Many political observers rolled their eyes. Buy another country? Has the Prez thrown out another wacky suggestion and is this really a good idea? Actually, yes. America has been acquiring land from other nations for centuries. And often, Louisiana has been right in the mix.

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Tom Purcell

Americans, unite: The Martians are coming!

An invasion from outer space might do America some good.
And maybe one’s coming?
In June, Politico reported a top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee sought details from the Navy about pilots reporting an “unidentified aerial phenomenon” that appeared to defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics.
The same month, CNN reported on classified Navy briefings for U.S. senators, including the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, that treated those reported Navy encounters as potential threats to pilots, and maybe even to national security.

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Rich Manieri

What the booing of Andrew Luck says about us

He was once hit hard enough to lacerate his kidney. He woke up the next day urinating blood.
That’s neither a common experience nor an occupational hazard for most of us. It is if you play professional football.
In addition to the kidney laceration, he has suffered a sprained shoulder, torn cartilage in his ribs, a concussion and shoulder surgery which caused him to miss all of the 2017 season. This season he was dealing with a calf strain.

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Will Durst

Labor Day already?

Are you kidding? Labor Day? Already? How the hell did that happen? Didn’t we just scrape down the Weber for the first summer barbecue on Memorial Day? Wasn’t that like a week ago?
No matter. The kids are back in school. Every team in the NFL has legitimate playoff hopes. The trees are turning colors. Detroit is rolling out their new pieces of iron. Time to celebrate. Go out and party hearty everyone, like we’re getting a day off of work to celebrate what it is we do for a living. Because that’s what this day is really about.


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