Michael Reagan

​Kavanaugh and the President’s big mouth

The Kavanaugh Nightmare is almost over.
For almost three weeks Judge Brett Kavanaugh — a good father, a good man, a brilliant conservative legal jurist — has had his reputation permanently trashed and dragged through the mud by Democrats and their willing accomplices in the liberal media.
No political charge or fake allegation was too slimy for the Democrats, who were never going to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.
They were interested only in destroying his life and keeping the Supreme Court’s ninth seat open until they got back in power in the Senate.

Tom Purcell

Political divide is no laughing matter

With all the vitriol in our politics — with all the disagreement that is tearing our country apart — we could all use some levity about now.
Here’s one joke I think we can all agree with:
A man wearing a ski mask jumped into the path of a well-dressed man and stuck a gun against his ribs.
“Give me your money,” said the mugger.
“You can’t do this,” said the well-dressed man. “I’m a U.S. congressman!”
“In that case,” said the mugger, “give me MY money!”
Being a parent is more challenging than ever. We live in a time when parents must censor C-SPAN!

Steve Gardes

Stopping violence: Listen to our police chiefs

Violence in our disadvantaged communities struck again in Baton Rouge, this time taking the life of LSU basketball player Wayde Sims who stepped in to a fistfight to defend his friend just off Southern University’s campus last Friday night.
Sims was loved by many in Baton Rouge as he was “a young athlete from the community, playing at our great university — with potential and what he represented.”

Michael Reagan

An assault in the Senate

It was a long, embarrassing day of drama, tears and ugly partisan bickering.
But by the end of Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, I came to the conclusion that both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford had told the truth.
I believed Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh never sexually assaulted Ford in 1982, when they were both teenagers.
And I also believed Ford really was sexually assaulted at age 15 — but not by Kavanaugh.

Christine Flowers

Kavanaugh creates #MeToo moment for men

It’s very hard to watch another human being cry. It makes you feel like a voyeur, gazing upon a sad moment that should be lived privately. It is a minor agony, to experience the agony of another. It is particularly hard when you know that the person didn’t see the sorrow coming, didn’t expect the crushing weight of it and still can’t understand how it happened.


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