Jim Brown

Downside of casinos in Louisiana

Several quick financial fixes are being discussed in the current session of the Legislature involving the expansion of gambling. Here’s an interesting thought. Why is it that Louisiana and neighboring state Mississippi are always on the bottom of every national ranking involving virtually every aspect of a state’s quality of life? Yet casino gambling is widespread throughout both states at a level not found any place else in America outside of Las Vegas.

Steve Gardes

Medicaid fraud: Setting the record straight

I read with great interest the recent article by the Medicaid director of Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) (Setting record straight about Medicaid, The Advocate, March 31) which concluded that it is imperative that readers get the facts (rather than deliberate misinformation) when it comes to what state government is doing to prevent Medicaid fraud. I could not agree more, so let’s do that.

Jim Brown

Where’s the vision thing in Louisiana?

There were several gatherings at the state capitol in Baton Rouge last week. Former legislators gathered for their annual reunion to catch up on old friendships and reminisce about past legislative accomplishments. And the few living delegates from the 1973 Louisiana Constitutional Convention were honored for their service as talk of a new convention was being debated in the capitol halls. One theme ran through both gatherings. Why aren’t problems being solved? Why so little cooperation? Where is the vision?

J.H. Campbell, Jr.

Passover, Easter make it a holy time

The Christian “Holy Week” began Sunday, March 25, and each year this period of time reminds Christians of the Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, (including Holy Thursday and Good Friday), and His resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday…. Also during week, Friday, the 30th of March, the Jewish week of Passover begins when the people of the Jewish faith commemorate the saving of the first male born in each family from the angel of death, and the freedom of the Israelites from the slavery of the Egyptians, all provided by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.. ..

Danny Tyree

MLK’s Legacy: The next 50 years

Decades ago, when I worked in a grocery store, I would frequently have to phone my boss and ask whether to cash a check for a stranger. The questioning would inevitably include, “Is he black?”
I never dared say it out loud, but I self-righteously imagined myself responding, “Hold on – let me check.”
Well, the color-blind society I smugly imagined didn’t exist then and doesn’t exist now. And as we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., I wonder just how much progress the next 50 years can reasonably be expected to bring.


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