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Save pig, kill a child

Headlines printed in a Rhode Island newspaper highlights “Brown University criticized for using live pigs in medical training.”
Evidently an advocacy group has asked federal regulators to investigate Brown University’s medical school, arguing it is violating the law by using live pigs for training in emergency medicine. This group further advocates the eliminating the use of all live animals in any medical training and promotes the use of human-body simulators instead. I don’t think the news has filtered down or up to that advocacy group about what’s the Gov. of Virginia has up his sleeve. I will request that this “animal protection group” get off of those “left handed cigarettes” for a while and focus on a bill in the Virginia legislature, defended by Gov. Ralph Northam, allowing a child to be delivered, Gov. Northam, supports the infant being resuscitated, made very comfortable, then a discussion between “Mom,” the family (if there is one) the “doctor” to determine the disposition of the infant. If “Mom” gives a thumbs down, then a MURDER will take place. Did someone tell me Gov. Northam was also a medical doctor? Good luck Virginia!
Very Respectfully,
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