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Time to act to help stricken congregations

There is no need to go into a long explanation about the unfortunate burning of three churches in our Parish.
This news has been witnessed locally, state wide, nationally and internationally by persons of all faiths. As a Christian I sincerely feel that there will be a resounding response of support concerning this unfortunate act of a twisted person or persons. After an arrest was made, I must commend the Pastors of the churches for not throwing in the race card and screaming out “We want justice.”
On the contrary, they could not understand what was in the heart of another human to act in such a manner. “You have burned our building but not our spirit —you are forgiven.” That statement was made with the blessings of God.
St. Landry Parish has 59,248 voters, and over 82,000 citizens. This means that we have a number of adults capable of supporting and reacting immediately to assisting in rebuilding these three churches. As a Christian it is my duty to call upon one bank in this parish to assume the responsibility of stepping forward and officially accept the donations which will ultimately document the donations. I call upon the architects of this parish to design the structures with the pastors’ concurrence. I call upon all banks to meet and discuss; I call upon more businesses to respond and I call upon every single adult to pray while signing a check of support after a bank has assumed the responsibility of accepting your donation.
Giles Automotive has made a commitment, and the churches have a gofundme page.
To those of you to whom I addressed in the above paragraph, please act accordingly. And in the name of God act now.
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