A time to thank those who proudly serve our nation

Veterans Day is not a day for sadness for our fallen comrades though we remember them with love and respect, their day is in May. We, the living celebrate our day in November. In November after celebrating the warmth of the summer and the gradual coming of fall, closing the books on another year, we come to Veterans Day, for all of us that went and returned, different men and women, of course, some stronger, some affected so badly they never truly came home.

Solving the parish airport problem

Solution 1: Recruit pilots residing in St. Landry Parish. Select the most experienced and retired one; offer to hire this person as the airport administrator. Ask the remaining pilots to serve on a newly formed airport board (volunteer) With this proven experience in place, parish government will not have a budget problem. A well trained administration staff will handle the billing for aircraft parking. A large sign should be available in the hanger. Park, pay, or fly away.

Farewell after 4 decades plus

After 40 years at Eunice High School and 41+ years in education, I wish to express my most profound appreciation to the offices of administration, faculty, staff, students — past and present — and friends as Iannounce my retirement effective Sept. 14.
Serving the community of education, particularly as a Bobcat, has been a great joy and blessing.

Grannies need to tend to home

Recently I was informed through the news media that several “Grannies” were gathering in Houston then traveling to McAllen, Texas, to find out first hand the disposition of the children separated from their parents after crossing the border into the United States from Mexico. . I wish them a safe trip and hopefully they will be met by the proper Border Patrol authorities and provided with the correct explanation for their concerns about the physical conditions, housing and other concerns they may have for taking this lengthy trip.

Time for a congressional lie detector test

I am going to write this letter using the most simple grammar I can muster up in order for each member of Congress to understand without the use of an assistant. I don’t care if you have a D, R, I or No Party behind your name. I, like millions of Americans are tired of your intentionally delaying, bickering, lying,using party affiliations and several other stupid reasons for not performing the duties you were elected. You have entirely too many committees in Congress. As we say in the Deep South “one hand does not know what the other is doing.” You are in that position.


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