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Eunice News announces turkey contest winners

There are 22 winners in the annual Eunice News Turkey Contest. Winners, listed below, need to come to the Eunice News Office, 465 Aymond St., to obtain a voucher. They then take voucher to Champagne’s. The deadline to pick up the turkeys from Champagne’s is Nov. 30.
Smith’s True Value Hardware, Kim Devillier.
Lakeview Park & Beach, Candice Atchison.
Troy’s Tire, Beverly Vidrine.
Coburn’s, Derek Marcantel.
Brownie’s, Jackie Gaspard.
Acadians Smiles, Renee Melder.
Gatti’s, Shirley Miller.
Craig’s Automotive, Tonya Miller.

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1918 brought good news amid epidemic

At Thanksgiving 1918 the Spanish flu epidemic raging across the world still had south Louisiana in its grip. The Crowley Signal, for example, reported that it was “very prevalent throughout this section,” and newspapers across the area carried reports of prominent citizens suffering from the illness.
But good news outweighed the bad: World War I, then called “the greatest war ever,” had finally ended. Tyranny was defeated, our soldiers were coming home.

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Danny Tyree

Ready for Tyree to carve Thanksgiving trivia?

As your host, I have gathered a cornucopia of genuine Thanksgiving trivia, thanks to “Good Housekeeping” magazine and other sources.
(Granted, “Good Housekeeping” reached its peak of relevance in the June Cleaver era. Today’s over-scheduled families would be just as well served with subscriptions to “Adequate Housekeeping” or “Turn Out the Lights and Pretend Nobody’s Home” or “Anybody Got the Energy to Activate the Roomba?” magazines.)

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Rotary, Super 1 food drive dates released

The annual Spirit of Christmas Food Drive sponsored by Super 1 Foods is here. Each year, it is the Eunice Rotary Club’s goal to deliver baking hens and boxes of food to 100 needy families in the Eunice area.
Due to the overwhelming support of local schools, the club has been able to exceed that number each year.

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Thanksgiving and étouffée on the hoof

I read somewhere that we eat more as a nation on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year. I believe it, and have traditionally done my part to make that happen.
That’s partly because I like good food, but also because food is an essential part of this annual celebration of faith, family, friends and shared traditions — all of which are essential parts of who we are. There may be no other place where these things meld so closely or so deliciously as in south Louisiana


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