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Tips to successfully grow tomatoes

With our governor releasing A Stay At Home Order, there may be many families out of work and staying home.
I’m pretty sure your home is immaculately clean, your closets are cleaned out, and you most likely mowed your lawn twice a week by now, and now you are thinking to yourself what can I do next.Why not plant a vegetable garden?
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you tips to successfully grow tomatoes.
Tomatoes are a rich addition to any garden. A few simple tricks can help even novice gardeners grow delicious tomatoes.

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Twenty warning signs of stress

With all of us experiencing this virus epidemic going on and having to adjust somewhat to a sheltered home life, I’m sure some of you will agree with me that stress has become part of our lives.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you the most common signs and symptoms of stress.
Stress affects so many people and infiltrates so many parts of daily life that it can be tempting to write it off as harmless or just a normal part of being human.

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Myra Miller

Happy Birthday!

Thirty-six years ago today I gave birth to my first born, a daughter.
She was due on April 18, 1984, however, she decided she wanted to see the world nine days earlier, April 9. And this momma was not happy about it. I had just given my notice at my part-time job a few days earlier. I couldn’t wait to stay at home alone, rest, and not have to report to work.
But of course, Adrienne, would not have that, and those of you who know Adrienne well, will testify that she was not going to let me rest, (haha).

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Bear sightings and chalk art work

During this pandemic of the caronavirus Eunice kids and families at home are finding creative ways and means to pass their time.
If you own colored chalk use it. Seems to be families and kids are drawing on home driveways positive pictures and messages. This seems to put a positive note or twist in this unknown crisis we are now facing.


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