Myra Miller

How chores are beneficial to children

School is not in session, Your children are at home and they can help out with chores. This can be simple tasks and probably doesn’t require a lot of time on their part. The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives some tips and suggestions to make chores helpful and beneficial for kids.
“Make your bed.” “Clean up the toys.” “Take out the garbage.” Parents routinely utter these phrases and others to their children.

Myra Miller

Make the most of family vacations

With the school term ending, many families make plans for a summer vacation.
Family vacations can become costly. But by planning ahead and simplifying things, a vacation may become fun and relaxing.
Courtesy of Newspaper Metro, the following gives you some tips to simplify your traveling and vacation plans.
Family vacations can seem like daunting endeavors to organize, as planners must cater to each member of the family and their individual needs.

Myra Miller

Tips for students after graduation

High School graduations are here. St. Edmund and Eunice High School seniors graduate Friday.
As these seniors leave high school some will attend college and others may choose to work right away.
There are great resources and steps for graduates to consider as they exit their high school years Newspaper Metro gives graduating seniors tips on how to take steps to their future.
Graduation season can be an exciting time for college students. As their time on campus draws to a close, students may be anxious to put their education to use and enter the workforce.

Myra Miller

Don't forget your mom

Don’t forget your mother Sunday as Mother’s Day is observed.
Try your best to select that perfect Mother’s Day gift and make her feel special.
Finding the perfect gift depends upon what your mother enjoys. My philosopy about Mothers’ Day is not what you go out and purchase, or how much it cost, it’s about spending quality time with your mother on this day.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you some shopping ideas and tips that my help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Myra Miller

Five effective ways to alleviate stress

Managing ever-present stress in your life may be as close as five steps. The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, are those steps that may effectively manage stress.
Stress affects everyone at some point in their lives and does not discriminate based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, economic status, or age.
The American Institute of Stress says job-related stress costs businesses millions of dollars each year due to unanticipated absences. In fact, work is the foremost source of stress for many adults.


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