Myra Miller

Identifying and understanding dehyration

Dehydration can affect anyone at any time, especially during the heated summertime months. My philosphy is to always drink fluids, and lots of it.
According to Newspaper Metro, adults who want to prevent dehydration should drink plenty of fluids and include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Such foods contain lots of water and can help the body avoid becoming dehydrated.

Myra Miller

How June got its name

How did the month of June get its name? Courtesy of Newspaper Metro the following are facts and origins about June.
There are 12 months in a year, and each has it’s own unique name. Have you ever wondered where these names originated, or why certain months do not seem to match up to their Latin numerical prefixes?
This June, it can be interesting to learn how the sixth month of the year got its name.

Myra Miller

Remembering my daddy

Father’s Day was always an enjoyable day for me. However, this Father’s Day will be more of a sad day for me since my daddy passed away in April.
My daddy was easy to please when it came to buying gifts on Father’s Day, his birthday and at Christmas. However, his philosophy always was, “Don’t buy me anything! I don’t need anything. You save your money, don’t spend it on me.”
My dad, Leighton Fruge, lived a simple full life. Born in September of 1930 to a family of 11 children, he learned at a very young age to live a simple life.

Myra Miller

Summer heat facts, safety

The heat is on! According to my desk calendar the first day of summer is June 21, and I beg to differ!
Hot days are here and in Eunice they will more than likely continue through September.
During summer’s hot days, use and practice extreme caution. Read the following tips, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, to stay safe in summer heat.
For many people, summertime is synonymous with trips to the beach, water sports and recreation.

Myra Miller

How chores are beneficial to children

School is not in session, Your children are at home and they can help out with chores. This can be simple tasks and probably doesn’t require a lot of time on their part. The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives some tips and suggestions to make chores helpful and beneficial for kids.
“Make your bed.” “Clean up the toys.” “Take out the garbage.” Parents routinely utter these phrases and others to their children.


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