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Fall Fest this weekend

Always a good time. The annual St. Thomas More Fall Festival is scheduled for this weekend, beginning Friday.
It’s an event designed for the entire family. The fun begins tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. and concludes on Sunday at 5 p.m.
A family can bring their children to ride plenty of fair rides. Teens can also enjoy age-related fair rides. On the church grounds there will be kiddie games and activities.

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Strategies to keep weight off once it’s gone

Oftentimes, men and women hoping to lose weight must commit to healthier lifestyles than the ones they’ve grown accustomed to.
That can be a big adjustment, and it’s important that men and women about to embark on their weight loss journeys recognize that keeping lost weight off can sometimes be as challenging as losing the weight.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives various strategies to ensure the weight lost, stays lost for years to come.

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Choose low calorie snacks

I think most of us snack during the day and evening hours. However, what kind of snack do you reach for?
I’m trying my best to choose healthy snacks. The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you some healthy snack choices.
Snacking may not seem like part of a healthy diet, but the right snacks can help men and women fight midday hunger without contributing to unwanted weight gain.

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Understanding and living with sciatica

Sciatica can have an adverse effect on everyday life, causing pain that can radiate from the lower back through the hips and buttocks and down the legs.
I am personally experiencing sciatica pain more often. After reading and learning more about sciatica, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, I can learn to properly deal with the pain.
The largest nerve in the human body is the sciatic nerve, which originates in the lower back and travels through the back of each leg. Injury or pressure on this nerve can lead to a type of pain known as sciatica.

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The health benefits of carrots

Carrots are a great source of various vitamins and minerals. I wish I liked eating carrots, because I’m guilty of eating the wrong kind of snacks. Let me stand corrected, I will eat baby carrots dipped into a lot of Ranch dressing.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you health benefits of carrots.
When looking to quell hunger pangs that can pop up between meals, many people reach for snacks.
Snacks can be a great way to prevent overeating at mealtime, but such benefits can be negated if people choose the wrong snacks.


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