Myra Miller

What to do after suffering a sunburn

Enjoying some summer fun outdoors can come with a price for some people in the form of a sunburn.
I’m fortunate enough that I normally don’t burn, but I know family members and friends who suffer from sunburn.
How to treat a sunburn properly is important to know and learn. The following tips, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you instructions on how to treat a sunburn.

Myra Miller

How to maximize your vacation time

Travelers can make the most of vacations, even when they only have a few days to do so.
The following tips, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives travelers some ways to create more time for a get-away.
Vacation is a time to kick back and enjoy life away from the stress and routine of home and work. Far too often, people do not take enough time to rest and recharge.

Myra Miller

Running the conditioner without breaking the bank

Few people can make it through the dog days of summer without turning on their air conditioners. There are ways to use them and still conserve energy.
Here are tips from Newspaper Metro.
Men and women concerned about the environment and conserving energy may try to avoid using their air conditioners, but doing so on especially hot days can be challenging and potentially even deadly.

Myra Miller

Tips to making ice cream at home

Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts and I appreciate it more in the summer months.
I also enjoy eating homemade ice cream.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you tips for making ice cream at home.
Ice cream is a favorite dessert across the globe. The average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream per year, says the International Dairy Foods Association.
Even though a trip to the local ice cream parlor can yield many different opportunities to indulge, making ice cream at home is easier than one may believe.

Myra Miller

Identifying and understanding dehyration

Dehydration can affect anyone at any time, especially during the heated summertime months. My philosphy is to always drink fluids, and lots of it.
According to Newspaper Metro, adults who want to prevent dehydration should drink plenty of fluids and include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Such foods contain lots of water and can help the body avoid becoming dehydrated.


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