Myra Miller

Three easy ways to create more time

For some people managing time during the day can become tricky and stressful.
Myself, I’m the old-school kind of girl, I write myself “sticky” notes at work and at home to stay on track on what I have to accomplish during the day. This seems to work for me.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you great tips on how to create more time in the day and stay organized.
Managing one’s time can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. As a result, adults with hectic schedules and multiple responsibilities may pine for an extra hour or two in the day.

Eight ways to start saving now

Saving money is difficult for many people. However, if you have a plan and a goal, and stick to it, you may have great results. There are different ways and areas in life that saving money can become effective.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you some strategies that may help you to save money.

Don't procrastinate

The idiom “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” has been credited to many people, including Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. Regardless of who first uttered the phrase, it still rings true.
I try my best not to procrastinate. However, there are times that I put off doing things, chores, visits, etc. because of whatever reasons, mostly laziness. I find I do procrastinate more often when I don’t feel like doing something.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you great strategies on how to say focused and not procrastinate.

Myra Miller

How to find a hobby

Hobbies can be fun and relaxing. How to find one? I would suggest to find something that you enjoy or think you may enjoy doing.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you tips and suggestions on how to seek a hobby.
Commitments to work and family can make adults feel like they have little time for much else. But finding time to pursue hobbies can benefit men and women in various ways.

Myra Miller

Health sayings and origins

I have read some interesting phrases with meanings behind each, and actually learned more about each health phrase, courtesy of Newspaper Metro. Hope you enjoy reading them also.
Language is shaped by many different influences. Over time, certain phrases become part of the vernacular and are spoken to signify how one acts or feels, including phrases about health and well-being.
Some phrases may inspire curiosity as to their origins.
The following health-related phrases have some interesting backstories.
“Fit as a Fiddle”


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