Tom Purcell

Cheers to lower beer taxes

Like or hate the Republican tax-reform plan, here’s one thing we can all cheer: Beer taxes are going down.
According to Business Insider, Senate Republicans included an amendment to their tax plan that “reduces craft brewers’ excise tax from $7 per barrel to just $3.50 per barrel on their first 60,000 barrels… The amendment would also cut excise taxes for bigger brewers from $18 a barrel to $16 a barrel.”

Jim Brown

Be careful changing how we vote

A hue and cry is mounting around the country that voting machines used on Election Day are eminently hackable. Congress is investigating charges by the Office of Homeland Security that Russia attempted to hack into voting machines in 21 different states. So is the integrity of our election system being undermined? Are computer hackers able to change election results? What gives?

John L. Micek

No, Trump doesn’t stand above the law

Hey, did you know that President Donald Trump can’t be found guilty of obstruction of justice?
Yeah, me neither.
Thank goodness that White House lawyer John Dowd came along to clear that up for us all, and, in the process, rip a hole in the time-space continuum, dropping us into some parallel universe where we’re actually ruled by Mad King Donald, and not a democratically elected executive who’s subject to the same set of laws as the rest of us.

Tom Purcell

Charitable giving is an American tradition

Ah, the giving season is upon us — the best time of the year to be an American.
According to Giving USA 2017: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2016, American giving rose to $390 billion last year — a 3 percent increase over the prior year.
Americans give around 3 percent of our collective income to charity — more than the citizens of any other country. Better yet, these are individual Americans, not the government, who are generating the lion’s share of the contributions.

Steve Gardes

Fiscal cliff: What should be done?

EDITORS NOTE: This is a first of a series of articles on the “fiscal cliff” crisis facing Louisiana today.
Louisiana is facing a $1 billion plus fiscal cliff this coming July, and our Legislative leaders appear to be at a crossroad on how to fix the problem. The Edwards Administration wants to only raise taxes, but the House only wants to cut spending. After more than a year working on this, we appear to be hopelessly paralyzed.


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