Jim Brown

Here comes the Cajun Navy!

The Cajun Navy wasted no time. Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Coast on a Friday. By Sunday, hundreds of boats were on their way to Texas. I passed a supermarket parking lot two days after the storm hit, and a large contingent of boats and trailers were lined up to head for the Lone Star State. As this column is being written, thousands of Louisianans are offering help. That’s what many Texans did for us here in the Bayou State exactly 12 years ago.

Like Allison? No comparison

I remember how incredulous I was in June 2001, when a mere tropical storm named Allison dumped more than 30 inches of rain on Houston, then moved to south Louisiana and kept pouring.
It was an uncommon event. The danger in south Louisiana from most tropical storms and hurricanes comes from the storm surge and wind that move through relatively quickly, not from tropical systems that just sit down on top of us and rain and rain and rain. Allison and the storm that flooded southwest Louisiana in 1940 were the most notable exceptions, until Harvey.

Tom Pucell

Free speech in all its peaceable glory

It was a fine day for protesting at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., where folks were enjoying their right to free speech in a productive and peaceable manner.
Lafayette Square sits directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. The park was packed with a variety of people the Saturday morning I visited nearly a decade ago.
A large group of Hispanic protesters was demanding “living wages,” acceptance of bilingual education and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Danny Tyree

Labor Day 2037: Expect the unexpected

Will Labor Day be recognizable in another 20 years?
Certainly, changes in culture, politics and technology will affect the love-hate relationship between capital and labor. Dizzying changes await this holiday. Yes, a holiday which honors the working people of the nation and grants them time to grill burgers and commemorate gains in workplace health and safety — while waiting to watch NFL players dutifully knock each other’s brains out.


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