William Murchison

2 sides to the immigration brouhaha

No one gets anywhere by trying to roll Donald Trump’s immigration order and its varied implications into a spitball for hurling hard and fast at the Other Side.
That is not to split the difference, in namby-pamby fashion, between supporters of the present immigration freeze and those Americans who, like Nancy Pelosi, claim to see tears trickling down the Statue of Liberty’s cheek. The present matter, may it please the court, is too grave for sweeping claims of the sort the Twitter age has raised almost to Shakespearean dignity.

Turnaround Time in America

Like him or not — and I can argue it both ways — established constitutional processes have hoisted Donald J. Trump atop the presidential plinth, where he stands now, getting ready to run things, insofar as anybody runs anything anymore.
The latter point — the semi-chaotic nature of 21st century social and political life — is one we might fix on as we figure out what we’re in for these next four years.

Keystone XL

Keystone pipeline: Louisiana’s economic savior?

One of the new president’s first actions announced this week is to support the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that the Obama administration had disapproved. Both Louisiana senators hailed the decision and talked about all the new jobs that will come to the Bayou State. But is building the pipeline such a huge job creator and economic bonanza for Louisiana?

Jim Brown

An amendment could solve budget woes

We hear from the national news that the country has become polarized over the election of Donald Trump. But if you want to see real division in government, just take a gander down South to the Bayou State. Republicans have been trying to pull the political rug out from Gov. John Bel Edwards at every turn from day one. And efforts to undermine the new governor do not show any sign of slowing down soon.

John L. Micek

Which U.S. does Trump intend to govern?

On Friday, at noon, Donald J. Trump will put his hand on a Bible, recite the oath of office administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, and in just three minutes’ time, will become the 45th president of the United States.
But what country does Trump intend to govern? What America will he represent?
It’s a question that’s more than merely academic.
Just this week, the Republican tweeted that Georgia’s 5th Congressional District was “falling apart” and “crime-infested.”


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