Stephen Waguespack

True fiscal reform requires transparency

There has been a consistent drumbeat of late dominating the airwaves sung by a chorus of politicians, interest groups and talking heads … they want fiscal reform and they want it now.
Of course, they do. Don’t we all? I mean, who in their right mind would oppose something called “fiscal reform?” Just the very mention of it causes us to visualize a day when all Louisianans can finally live in the job-creating, budget-balanced society we have long pursued.

Jim Brown

LSU football and race relations

Ah, the wisdom found in the New York Times. America’s newspaper (at least according to them) seems to find a reason every week to denigrate the backwards homefolks that populate Louisiana. Certainly some debasement is justified particularly when it comes to disparaging the state’s political establishment. But there’s one area that is sacrosanct and off limits to even the least well informed news editor. Whatever you do or write, don’t mess with LSU football.

Steve Gardes

Governor should embrace all tax force recommendations

Louisiana is facing a fiscal cliff of $1 billion next July, and Gov. John Bel Edwards has been pushing for tax increases — but the House is demanding spending reductions instead. As a result, the governor has hit the road promoting the nonpartisan task force recommendations about taxes (as he “embraces most, but not all, of the recommendations”) and is seeking the support of the business community to help him convince Legislators that increased tax revenues is the solution to the fiscal cliff.

John L. Micek

The South’s complicated relationship with its past

All that’s left of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is the steeple.
The red brick is faded and the windows are boarded up. But don’t ask the locals if they’re ever going to tear this monument down.
Because it was here, on April 5, 1980, that a little four-piece, made up of a trio of University of Georgia students and a local record store clerk, played their first-ever show in front of friends and guests.
The world came to know them as R.E.M.

Michael Reagan

Learn when to shut up, Mr. President

As we’ve said here before, Donald Trump has to learn to just shut up and let things go.
The failure to do that is the worst Achilles heel of a president who seems to have half a dozen Achilles heels.
Because he can’t think on his feet, because he doesn’t know how to say the right thing at the right time, because he thinks he’s got to win every petty argument with the anti-Trump media, the president has mired himself unnecessarily in yet another controversy of his own making.
This time it’s Charlottesville.


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