Jim Brown

Richard Nixon’s ties to Louisiana

There is a new book on a number of best selling lists about former President Richard Nixon by author John Farrell. Nixon became the first and only president to resign from office. Those of you too young to remember the events surrounding Watergate missed one of the most riveting episodes of American history. Nixon survived a number of bitter political fights, but he had always been able to bounce back. However, it was his own words in secret recordings that he personally authorized in the Oval Office that finally led to his downfall.

Who’s unsafe on campus?

Springtime may be in bloom, but snowflakes never go out of season at America’s most prestigious colleges and universities.
Quivering students at the University of Notre Dame launched a protest last week against the school’s decision to invite Vice President Mike Pence as commencement speaker. Activist Imanne Mondane told the campus newspaper that she and her peers felt “unsafe” and threatened by “someone who openly is offensive but also demeaning of their humanity and of their life and of their identity.”

Stephen Waguespack is the president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

The same old game plan in Baton Rouge

It’s time to face the truth we have long avoided: Louisiana cannot tax, spend and mandate its way to prosperity.
For decades, one politician after another has tried every idea under the sun to make the Baton Rouge-heavy, something-for-everyone Huey Long model effective at solving problems and protecting taxpayers. It just won’t work. It’s a square peg in a round hole. Sending our hard-earned tax dollars to the state capitol each year in the hopes it will lead to good schools, dependable roads and a stable economy has proven to be a bankrupt game plan that must be replaced.

Gov. Jimmie Davis brought us ‘Sunshine’

It could be the most recognized American song worldwide. Go to a small Asian community where little or no English is spoken. Start humming, “You Are My Sunshine.” More likely than not, the locals will join in singing the song in English. Everybody knows the words to a down-home tune written by a Louisiana country singer and movie star. And he was sworn in as Louisiana governor 73 years ago this month.


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