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Sheriff launches ‘contactless’ crime reporting

St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz has started a Contactless Self-Reporting System that allows citizens to file a crime report online.
Guidroz stressed the system is for minor crimes in his announcement on Monday.
“A citizen wanting to file an online complaint for a minor issue where there is no imminent threat to life or property, will go to the sheriff’s website and follow the links to the Contactless Self-Reporting System,” he stated.
Guidroz also noted the program will “alleviate close contact concerns presented by citizens and officers by the COVID-19 pandemic.”
“With a user-friendly interface and smooth integration with our current reporting system, the Contactless Self-Reporting System will save our deputies down time with less paperwork and report writing.” Additionally, if citizens use the form it will greatly enhance our deputy’s response time on more serious calls,” Guidroz stated.
Citizens will go to the sheriff’s web site, and click on the ‘Contactless Self-Reporting System’ link to report minor incidents examples of the available complaints, include but are not limited to the following:
— Animal nuisance.
— Property damage.
— Littering/trash dumping.
— Theft.
— Phone harassment/scams.
— Cyber stalking.
— Crop damage.
— Illegal drug activity/information (Anonymous Tips hotline (337-948-0970), or the Anonymous Tips Hotline (337-948-TIPS), also available.
— Any other complaint that requires documentation and reporting without personal contact with a deputy.
— Child custody matters (that do not include the need for law-enforcement).
— Trespassing when not in progress.
The complainant can fill out the form, and print out a copy for their records, or can present to an attorney for further civil action. The offenses will be identified in layman’s terms for the user.
The online program forms will provide screening questions and will ensure the incident reported qualifies for remote reporting. The citizen self-reporting link will forward the completed citizen complaint form to the sheriff’s dispatch center to be reviewed by on-duty supervisor. Citizens will still be able to call 911, or the sheriff’s dispatch center at 337-948-5810, or if needed, go to the 337-948-6516 main line for options offered for other department services.
Reporting information includes:
— Basic information. Address and e-mail required for submission. E-mail confirmation code confirms identity and reduces risk of fraudulent submissions.
— Offense Information. Offense type, time, location and statement are filled in by the reporting citizen. The first 600 or less characters of the statement are used as the incident report summary.
— Property Page. Property is categorized into lost, damaged/vandalized, and stolen. Users can also submit type, make, model, serial number, value and description of property.
— Vehicle Page. Users can upload pictures and relevant documentation.
— Report Generation. An incident report and case number are generated by the program, and submitted to the agency for review.
— Agency Administration (Sheriff Department). The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office can manage users who have access to Contactless Self-Reporting System (CSS), and can add or remove, or change verbiage, or change agency information for proper incident descriptions, and add law-enforcement terminology if needed.
Sheriff’s Communications personnel will be able to assist citizens with accessing the web site and links, and assist with any issues they encounter relative to the reporting system by calling 337-948-5811.

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