Newly elected Erath Mayor Taylor Mencacci (left), and newly elected aldermen Jason Connor (middle) and Scott Bernard go over the voting totals that they track of during the election on Tuesday.

New mayor plans to run Erath like a business

ERATH — Taylor Mencacci is a businessman, and he plans to run the town of Erath as a business.
Mencacci is the new mayor of Erath, beating long-time Erath politician John Earl LeBlanc. LeBlanc had been the mayor for one term but had been an alderman for 20-plus years before.
Mencacci, 36, has a full-time job in New Iberia. He is an administrator of Ambulatory Service Center. He manages 20 people at his day job. He plans to use his day-job managing skills to operate the town of Erath.

School, district grades released

The 2017-2018 Louisiana school and district performance scores were released Thursday showing the state, as a whole, maintained a B grade for a second consecutive year despite the toughened standards.
While the state’s overall score dropped this year from 86.8 to 76.1, the lower score can be attributed to more demanding national education standards. The highest score attainable is 150.
Under the old scoring system, the state would have a score of 94, a 6.2 point increase over last year’s mark.

APPJ budget: Medic for jail or guards for courthouse

It’s budget time for the Acadia Parish Police Jury and, once again, money’s tight.
“We’re having to rob Peter to pay Paul,” said Robert Guidry, vice president, during Tuesday night’s committee meetings. “It’s looking kinda grim in some areas.”
One such area is the security guards at the front entrance of the courthouse.
The Finance Committee is considering cutting funding to that area in order to pay for a second medic for the Acadia Parish Jail.

Care must be taken when bringing potted plants indoors for the winter. Be sure there are no pests, diseases or critters. (Photo by Dan Gill/LSU AgCenter)

Move tender container plants inside for winter

Louisiana gardeners often use containers of tender tropical plants on decks, patios and porches and in courtyards to provide color and beauty through the summer. These plants thrive in outdoor conditions, but because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures, they must be protected over the winter. Generally, this means bringing them indoors.

Jim Bradshaw

‘Thronged with a mass of people’

James Blenk, archbishop of New Orleans, led the ceremonies in Opelousas in November 1909 when “the new Catholic church, one of the finest in the State,” was officially dedicated. The new church was “thronged with a surging mass of people,” the St. Landry Clarion reported on Nov. 13, “Catholics and Protestants vying for each other for vantage room.”


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