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After a year on the job as superintendent, Patrick Jenkins was given a Proficient rating by the School Board.

Board evaluates superintendent as Proficient

After a year on the job as superintendent, Patrick Jenkins was given a Proficient rating by the School Board.
The evaluation of the superintendent was announced after an 90 minute closed session during Thursday’s School Board meeting.
Jenkins said, “I thought it was a good exercise. I think the scores were something not out of bounds of what I expected. Obviously, I’m not perfect. I’m made plenty of mistakes as superintendent along the way.”
Eight Board members gave Jenkins a Proficient rating and five evaluated him as Exemplary.

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Bar to be raised for public schools

For the past three years St. Landry Parish public schools have earned a C in the state performance scores.
Patrick Jenkins, superintendent, said if the district’s score remains the same in the future it is risking a letter grade of D or F.
Thirty-three percent of the schools achieved mastery level, but in the future mastery will be the basic level.
Jenkins said it like asking school district to walk on water. “...if we do then are you going to tell us we can’t swim?”
Jenkins said. adjusting the scale “is going to kill schools.”

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School employees getting a Christmas bonus

Following a patriotic program to honor veterans serving in the St. Landry Parish school system, the School Board added to the festivities by approving a Christmas bonus for its employees.
Full-time employees will receive a $1,000 bonus and substitutes will get $250 in December.
The School Board was unanimous in approving the bonus. Board member Candace Gerace was absent.
The School Board’s Finance Committee sent a recommendation for a bonus of $750 for full-time employees and $200 for substitutes. However, there was disagreement on the committee about the bonus.

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Christmas bonus up in the air

St. Landry Parish School Board members will have a chance to resolve a disagreement about how much of a Christmas bonus to give to school employees.
The School Board is scheduled to meet at 4 p.m. today the Opelousas Civic Center on Creswell Lane.
The discord arose in the Board’s Oct. 23 Finance Committee meeting.
The committee was presented with three Christmas stipend options:
— Give $1,000 to full-time employees at cost of $2.4 million.
— Give the full-time employees a $750 stipend, which would cost $1.8 million.

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Marco Gonzalez, left, talks about St. Landry Parish public school facilities at a School Board meeting Monday in Opelousas. The School Board is planning two tax propositions for salaries and infrastructure. (Photo by Harlan Kirgan)

School Board to get tax proposals

Two tax propositions — one for 11.4 mills and the other for 12.4 mills — were passed out of committee and now are headed to the Nov. 2 St. Landry School Board meeting.
The 11.4-mill, 10-year property tax is to raise $7 million annual to fund pay raises, which the proposition does not detail.
The 20-year, 12.4-mill tax would fund a $99 million bond issue for capital improvements.
The two proposals were passed out of the Board’s Executive Committee meeting Monday in Opelousas.


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