Constitutional convention sought to fix ‘broken system’

Louisiana will be on its way to its next constitutional convention to adjust the Louisiana Constitution where it deals with fiscal matters if a bill approved in the House Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday makes it through the House and Senate.
“We can all agree on one thing: The current system is broken. Regardless of what the fix is, we all agree that we need to fix it,” Rep. Neil Abramson, D-New Orleans, said. “This provides a mechanism to do it.”

The $120 million Louisiana Energy and Power Authority natural gas-fired, combined-cycle gas power plant has been operating for nearly a year in Morgan City and has routinely been putting power into the electricity grid, LEPA General Manager Cordell Grand said. (Photo by Zachary Fitzgerald/The Daily Review)

$120 million LEPA power plant online

The $120 million power plant that began operating nearly a year ago in Morgan City is putting cost-effective power on the electricity grid for communities throughout the region to use, a plant executive said.
Cordell Grand, general manager of Louisiana Energy and Power Authority, spoke during the April 25 Morgan City Council meeting.
LEPA dedicated the natural gas-fired, combined-cycle gas power plant May 20, 2016. Officials said it would help stabilize long-term power rates for member communities by reducing their reliance on less efficient power sources.

Senate bill removes budget mandates

The bill before the Senate Finance Committee removing the statutory mandate that state funds go to itemized state and local programs was held to allow the author additional time to build her case.
Senate Bill 226, by Sen. Sharon Hewitt, R-Chalmette, would give lawmakers more latitude when it comes to funding levels, especially during economically tough times, which potentially could permit broader, more equitable reductions.

GOP presents its budget

Louisiana Republicans advanced their vision for the state’s spending plan Monday, cutting more than $236 million from Gov. John Bel Edwards’ proposed budget by targeting areas like health care, social services and a host of other agencies.
Hailed as a quasi “stand still” budget, the GOP-led House Appropriations Committee endorsed after six hours of testimony and debate House Bill 1, which amounts to spending 97.5 percent of the money the state has, on a 17 to 5 vote.

Join the budget game at

The solution for Louisiana’s budget woes rests with Louisiana residents. Call it Fantasy Budgetry. is a simulation scenario meant to challenge Louisianans into making the the tough decisions necessary to balance the state’s spending and revenue budget for the next fiscal year, including a predicted $440 million budget shortfall, just like the real-life lawmakers in Baton Rouge.


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