Interesting events December 1916

Today we officiaIly turn our calendars to December. The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you some interesting events that unfolded in December of 1916.
The year 1916 was a significant one in world history. World War I, one of the largest wars in history and one that involved more than 70 million military personnel, was raging in 1916. In Ireland, the Easter Rising of 1916 would end in defeat for the Irish Republicans but go on to have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts on the United Kingdom.

Myra Miller

Store and use leftovers safely

Store, refrigerate and freeze your Thanksgiving leftovers safely, if you have any leftovers.
After reading the following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, I have learned that I do storing, refrigerating and freezing leftovers incorrectly.
According to the suggested tips below, leftovers can be refrigerated three to four days in your refrigerator. I sometimes go longer periods. The suggested storage of leftovers in the freezer is three to four months. I freeze leftovers longer.


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