Myra Miller

Horseshoe trivia

Did you know that horseshoes were a Roman invention?
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you some horseshoe trivia.
Horseshoes bring more than good luck and serve as more than a tool for the popular backyard game. Horseshoes keep working horses’ feet healthy and safe from wear and tear while also providing support and traction.
People who frequently work with horseshoes may know a lot about them, but others can test their knowledge by seeing how many of these trivia questions they can answer correctly.

Myra Miller

Simple solutions for a better night’s sleep

I am one that requires eight hours of sleep each evening. I can tell the next morning when I don’t get enough sleep, because I’m dragging around with no energy.
I know myself, and I know that I cannot have any kind of caffeine intake after 1 p.m.
I also know that I cannot take a nap for longer than an hour. If I do, I will not fall asleep right away and have less sleep throughout the night.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives some tips for sleep.

Chicken soup and the common cold

Chicken soup seems to soothe cold symptoms. However, after reading the following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, some people come down with colds more than once a year. Myself, colds normally attack my system in the winter months. When I do suffer with a cold, I love to eat hot chicken soup.
Did you know that chicken soup remains one of the more popular cold remedies? And, chicken soup is loaded with immune-boosting vegetables and other ingredients that provide phytonutrients.

Myra Miller

Six facts about watermelons

Most people enjoy eating a cold watermelon. Myself, I would rather eat a cantaloupe. However, my entire family loves watermelons.
Did you know that watermelons can be considered a fruit or a vegetable?
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives you six facts about watermelons.
Watermelons provide cooling, juicy refreshment during the warm days of summer. But while they’re most associated with summer, watermelons can typically be found in grocery stores year-round.

Myra Miller

The thrills at amusement parks

Did you know that amusement parks sprung up way back in the 19th century?
Courtesy of Newspaper Metro, the following are interesting facts and origins of amusement parks, carnivals and fairs.
In fact, historians say that carnivals and local fairs have been around since the Middle Ages. According to, amusement parks, once dubbed “pleasure gardens” and “trolly parks,” sprung up across the United States and Europe in the 19th century.


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