Myra Miller

Graduating seniors, dress appropriately

Graduation is a special time in a student’s life. Eunice High seniors will graduate Friday evening and St. Edmund High seniors graduate on Saturday morning. Students will be dressed in graduation gowns and caps. However, what a student wears underneath his or her gown is important.
The following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, gives your senior student tips on what to wear and what not to wear.

Myra Miller

Simple tricks to satisfy picky eaters

Do you have a child who is a picky eater? If so, you may find the following, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, helpful.
I wish I would have thought about these clever techniques with my daughters years ago. However, to those of you with young children who are picky eaters, don’t lose heart. Your picky young eaters will grow up to enjoy different foods later in life. Take it from me, my two adult daughters are not nearly as picky today as they were as young girls.

Myra Miller

Children and allowance

When my two daughters were young girls their father and I taught them to earn their allowance each week.
They each had different household chores to do. They were simple, such as cleaning their room, picking up their toys, dusting the furniture and washing dishes. At the end of each week, if their chores were completed, they were handed an allowance. We then encouraged them to save part, and they could spend the rest on something they wanted. Giving allowances, and our children working toward the reward, also showed them responsibility.

Myra Miller

Quirky facts about animals

Did you know? There are facts about many different animals that I did not know. However, courtesy of Newspaper Metro, I have learned something new about cats, dogs, birds and fish.
Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite furry, finned or feathered friend? Chances are there are some interesting facts that even the most ardent animal-lover may be surprised to learn.


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